Monday, 25 August 2008

RMP Infotec 7th Anniversary...

I had been to the 7th anniversay celebrations of RMP Infotec and it was great. It was attended by a large number of people and it was a big celebration under the banner of IBG (Innovative Business Group) led by Mr Abhilash Thomas. There was dance, fun, music, fashion, business, achievement honours, etc

After the function, I was supposed to meet a friend for the purpose of some business. It was also related to network marketing. My mind had got so tired that I did not want to listen to anything. I was in Koramangala at that point of time. I was hungry and tired too. I took a coke and had some snacks as I could not afford to go to the restaurant die to time factor. I inquired about the buses to my place and I was told that I need to walk for about 2 kms. I went on. In fact, it was more than 3 kms. Finally, I got on to the bus and reached Jayanagar 9th block by 10.30 pm. I waited long for buses to my place. None came. So, I had to walk all the way for about 6 kms to reach my room. It was about 11.30 pm that I reached my room. And there was another drama waiting for me. All my belongings were taken off from my cupboard and kept on my bed. I was taken aback. On asking my roommates, they just started blaming one another and finally, when I got angry and blasted on them, they ran away from there. I called the owner immediately and he, a irrepsonsible man just living for the sake of money, told me to go to any room that I wish and stay there. It was so disgusting. Optionless, I moved on to the neighbouring room where people are much better and nice

People have come from Kerala to pursue a course from Jetking. They say that it is a 3 month course and they will have the class for just 2 hours a day. And the remaining 22 hours, they are free. I really dont understand how can they afford to take such decisions. And much sadder than all this is that the people come here in the name of studies and all that they do is drink, smoke and speak on the phone. Its really a sorry situation

The other day, I was returning home from Majestic in a bus. An old man, drunk, was on the bus too. He was not in his senses. The conductor asked him for the ticket and he did not respond properly. The conductor, very tired by work, started putting out all his frustration on him. The bus was stopped and he was asked to get down. And suddenly a fight begun and the conductor started hitting this old man and even some people joined to hit him. I got up from my seat suddenly. Though my friend stopped me, I went on and interfered. I managed to handle the situation and kept people away from fighting. After all, what great thing did they want to achieve by hitting an old man who is not in his senses. Everyone started to blame and told that I was supporting such worst people and because of people like me, such idiots get encouragement to do all such activities. I did not speak much. I just ensured to ask the person where he wanted to go and unfortunately, he had taken a wrong bus. I asked him to get down. And we moved ahead

One thing that always hurts me is that the children are not able to take care of their parents properly. I feel very bad to see old men begging on the roads, lying hungry on streets or getting drunk to forget their pains. Its really sad to note such incidents. And above all, the common men go to hit or scold such people. Whats the use of hitting a person who is already hit badly in life? Well, I know that what I am thinking is a little too much. But then, one has to keep in mind, human values and live a good life. Thats when a human life will be really successful
Sometimes, people take advantage of such an attitude of mine. For e.g., my roommates requested me some space in the cupboard. And I just made some space for them. And finally, they extended and extended so much that I had to vacate the room itself :-)

As they say
If you give him an inch, he will take a mile
Life keeps teaching every moment if your eyes are widely open

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Heavy movement across the city...

Yet again, I moved from Byrasandra to Jayanagar to Richmond Circle to Brigade Road to Mayo Hall to Trinity Circle to K R Market to Seshadripuram to Basaweshwar Nagar to Majestic to ITPL to STPL to K R Puram to Corporation to Jayanagar to Byrasandra to Jayanagar and back to my room in Byrasandra by 12.30 am

I had to submit mutual fund applications and then meet in relation to LIC and then some RMP meeting too

A lot of effort, as usual, as always, is going on

However, the result is yet to come in all these fields

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Independence Day... Rakshabandhan...

Usually, everyone out of station comes home when they have holidays. Well, there are 3 continous holidays for Independence Day, Rakshabandhan and Sunday. A lot of people are back to their hometowns. But then, I stayed back as I am free to go back anytime I wish

I was not able to make any contacts these days. On ID, I got up at about 11 am and kept watching the TV all day. There were some good films going on like Jodha Akbar, Golmaal, Hulchul, Goal, Garv, Main Hoon Na, etc. I was in front of the TV till 12.30 in the night. After all, it was after a huge gap of years that I was watching the TV. Usually, I get on to the PC and the TV never comes into picuture. But, it was different on the ID

The cellular operators take off the free SMS facility on all such days. Thus, it creates a lot of communication problem

Today is Rakshabandhan. And after a good gap, I was receivng the rakhis by post. Earlier, when I was in SSBJ, it was the same case. And then, when I was in Hubli for my BCom, I was with my family. And now, again. After a bath, I went on to the temple and tied the rakhis

Well, its going to be another boring day today and tomorrow too

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Round and round... Around the city...

A lot of travel is happening each day. I had to submit some mutual fund applications and it was a real tough job. In Hubli, getting the clients was difficult and here, getting the mutual fund houses to submit the forms is getting difficult

I moved from Jayanagar to Corporation in a bus. And from there, I took another bus to Mayo Hall. I walked till Brigade Road. Then, I found that the Sundaram BNP Paribas AMC is on the other end of the road. I walked all the way there for about 2 kms and submitted the forms. I walked on to Mueseum Road and from there, I took a bus to M G Road. And then, to Trinity Circle to reach ICICI Prudential AMC. Then, I walked along for a km to reach Manipal Centre. I thought that the CAMS Service Centre is there. However, I could not find it. Luckily, I got a call from my friend, Siddu, who found out the exact address from the internet. I submitted some more forms there. There was a problem in submitting the SBIMF form as the cheque was outstation. Luckily, there was someone from the AMC itself who took the responsibility of doing the remaining work

The MF work was almost over. I had to submit the Birla Sunlife MF empanelment form and an application too. I had to do this by courier as it has to be sent to Hubli

I had to go to Basaweshwar Nagar then. For this, I had a great problem in getting a bus. I kept roaming to find the right stop. Finally, I decided to go back to Shivaji Nagar to take a bus from there. It started raining instantly and I had to wait. Later, I went on to Shivaji Nagar and from there, I took a bus to Basaweshwar Nagar. Unfortunately, I could not get my work done there as I reached late. I had to walk a lot again to catch a bus and reach Shivaji Nagar. And from there, I got back to Jayanagar by 9 pm

The mistake I did was I was totally unplanned. I went on too randomly and it was really tiresome. I hardly get 2% commission on a MF investment. And all these investment were of Rs 500. 2% of Rs 3000 is Rs 60. However, I spent over 5 hours today and also a lot of time earlier in convincing the clients. So, thats a little sad seeing the earning aspect. But then, I am happy that I am able to do this for them

And then, I got a call from my friend to meet at Koramangala. I agreed and had a quick shower. As I had to leave early in the morning, I also had a shave then itself and went on to the 4th Block busstop. The bus stop is over 1 km away from my room. So, each time I go out, I need to walk for at least a kilometre. It was raining continously. Moreover, it was alrady 10.30 pm and the buses were scarce. Finally, we decided to postpone the meet and I came back to my room

I noticed that I had not had my food. So, I rushed to a restaurant. Another great incident happened there. I ordered for a chappatti and a parota. The rates were Rs 6 each. And then, I asked if I could get some sabji with that. The waiter gave me green peas. It was very good and I liked it. Only on paying the bill, I got to know that the green peas sabji costs Rs 20. So sad. Had I not gone for dinner, I would save Rs 32

Hmmm... Everythings a part and parcel of life. For every debit, there has to be a credit :-)

Monday, 11 August 2008

Nothing much happening...

This week has been a very quite one with almost everything in a standstill. There has been no business progress. Most of the times, I kept waiting to meet people and people did not turn up. It happens

I was able to get some mutual fund leads this week. About 4 to 5 mutual fund subcriptions in the form of SIP have been sold by me. The processing remains to be done

On Sunday, we planned another Ajeets meet. A lot of my 1 year seniors joined us. Me, Mallu, Gurushant, Rajshekar Laddimath went on to forum to meet our SSBJ brothers Manu G V, Basavaraj Masur, Prashant Metri, Arif M B, Siddalingesh Zalaki and Praveen Chakramani. All have made a good progress in life and are well settled. Our Laddimath has joined B L Kashyap as a Construction Engineer recently. For those who know him, I would like to mention that he off totally on the head :-)

Mallikarjun Swami has got an admission for higher studies at Manchester as well as Nottingham University in the UK. He even has offer open at Jindal Steel. What to do? Where to go? Totally confused

Gurushant is the final year of Engineering and he is already placed in Cognizant Technology Services

G V Manu is working at Defence Research Development Organization, Praveeen Chakramani at TechMahindra, Basavaraj Masur at Mindtree, Siddu Zalaki at TCS, Prashant Metri is doing a PhD at IISc and Arif at Accenture

All Ajeets rocking on... And surprisingly, it was an All Adilshahi Day

We had some good time at The Forum Mall. And rejoiced our school moments. And then, our seniors gave us a treat at McDonalds for the success in their life

We were there till late evening and then each of waved hands to get back to the same old life
I, Praveen and Siddu went on to the Tycoons International Business Building Seminar under RMP Infotec. While Siddu and Praveen are already into it, I am yet to join. I feel like I must join and explore this opporunity. However, practically, things seem a little blurr. Further, when I join for a job, it will be almost impossible to concentrate on the same. Moreover, to get started, there is a need for Vitamin M, which is not available with me at the moment

I have decided to have a serious look at this sometime soon with all my friends. Lets see what comes out

Monday, 4 August 2008

Whats new... Down Town Pub...

Nothing much. Its all the same life from a long time. The new month has begun and thats the only change in life. Instead of July, we are going to write August :-)

This week, I have been meeting a large number of people

I met Mr Arun Mannapur, our school senior and the son of our beloved Mannapur sir (National Award for The Best Teacher). He is working in Mindtree Consulting and also has a network marketing business

I met Mr Vinay, a TCS employee, in regards to LIC and mutual funds. He showed some interest in mutual funds

I met Mr Pavanraj, my senior at JGCC, who is working at Accenture BPO. I was meeting him after a long time and we rejoiced it

Bengaluru being the city of opportunities, a large volume of people keep flying in here. My schoolmates, Veeresh Kamat and Kiran Bendigiri had also come here and I met them. Even Santosh Pujari was with us. It was a good time

And the biggest one being the pending meet of Ajeets of last week. I called up everyone and arranged the meet. We had decided to meet at The Forum Mall. However, it was later changed to Brigade Road. 5 pm on Sunday, the 3rd of August 2008 was the time given for the meet. Veeresh Biradar, Kishore Honnur, Sanotsh Pujari, Rajendra Kalgudi, Gurushant Golgerimath, Abhaykumar Roy joined me at The Garuda Mall. We even had Sangangouda Patil, our senior, who joined us alongwith 2 more new friends. And then, after a small chat, Kishore initiated everyone to go for some extraordinary adventure. And before I could refuse, everyone had taken the step for that. I and Sangan were to odd men out. But then, we walked along with them, though, did not join them in the party. We sat like innocent children and watched them :-)

Well, after all this, we were again back to the Mall and spent some time there. We wanted to have dinner but the time did not permit us

Soon, everyone departed. And me, after saying bye to all, went to the bus stand where, as usual, things were a little dark in the dark. There was no bus. I walked all the way for about 4 kms to Shivajinagar. And then, luckily, got a direct bus to Jayanagar. And luckily, my bus pass was still valid :-)

I reached the room by 11.11 pm and realised that I have a very important deal tomorrow. I had to set some thing for that. However, my tiredness did not allow me to do it. I set the alarm at 5 am and went asleep. But then, alarm is after all, under our control, which when rung, can be put off and a person can continue sleeping :-)

That was all the activity of the week. One more very important thing is that the LIC business has begun. I was able to login 2 policies this week. And thats all I can cheer about. However, a lot is yet to come

And yeah, the BCom results too have been announced. I have managed an overall aggregate of 91.42%. Thank you God