Saturday, 9 August 2008

08 08 08... Oh My Date...

Well, today is definitely a once in a lifetime date, ie, 8 8 8. Its rare to get such dates. For the next 4 years, we will get such dates. And after that, only the 2nd generation (grandchildren or their children) can see such dates. We will be seeing 9-9-9, 10-10-10, 11-11-11, 12-12-12 too, of course, if we live through till then

Today is the last day of the weekend and this week has been really tiring. Let me not elaborate more on this as this has now become a part of life

Today was the birthday of our batchmate, Richa. There was a surprise celebration planned by her friends. And most surprising of the plan was the presence of her husband without her knowledge. She was so happy and thankful to them. After the cake cutting, Raghu & team (Telugu Desam Party) had plans to take revenge on me as I had spat cake on his face on his birthday. I had a big time avoiding the people trying to play holi with the cake cream. But then, they over powered me and gifted a chocolate spot on my cozy white shirt. Only God knows if the stain will leave the shirt. Washing clothes is a real tough job that I need to undertake regularly

We have also been given books for the next monthly evaluation which will be in the form of a book review. The book given to our team is "Who Moved My Cheese?". The team composition have also been changed. In our team, we have Me, Naveen Koganti, Bayya Reddy, Richa Jha and Chitra. So, we have to get started for this new challenge now. The presentation is scheduled on 24 Sep 2008

Its exactly a month and a day that the course has begun. Its has been a nice experience till now. A lot has been learnt. A lot is working. A lot is going to come. We have built a good rapport between each other. There is another 66% of life on the other part of this course to be explored

Signing off for the day

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