Wednesday, 9 July 2008

De Taali... The clapping continues...

The clapping continues...

The day began a little late. While I was awake by 5.40 am, I lazily lied down till 6.30 am and my body not ready to support me to move on. Tiredness had added up a lot due to heavy walking undertaken by me yesterday. I had walked at least 10 kilometres for sure. After everything, I moved out of the PG by 7.30 am and reached the restaurant for breakfast, had a couple of idlis and reached the institute in time. A new faculty, Mr. Nagesh took the class of Basics of Information Technology. It was all the same word, powerpoint and all such stuff that was to read. The only difference being that we would be using instead of Microsoft Office. As MS Office is a software that we need to purchase, organizations prefer as it is a freeware. Its almost the same with some small deviations

After that, we had a small class on Banking again and then practicals followed

The usual college type life is back now. Yeah, some fun too has begun. I was caught chatting and warned :(
Hmmm... Alls a part of life... Lets see how the progress continues...

For the moment, I am logging off for the day


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