Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Finacle, Professional Communication, Retail Banking & Soft Skills... All in for the next match...

Finacle has begun today. Each day throws up new arenas to explore. And today, we have begun with the software that a major portion of the banking industry uses to maintain its operations, The Finacle. It was introduced with a small session to give a feel of the environment. And in a few days from now, we need to understand the software completely and be experts in the same. Sometimes, it takes a great deal to become a banker. You need to be perfect from each and every angle. Honesty and truthfulness are the two most important elements. Knowledge required is also of a superior level. The expectations are too big. Meeting all these demands need a lot of effort. Consistency is another thing that is very crucial. Efficiency is the prerequisite for survival. So, its not an easy task to be a banker, specially so, if you want to be a horse of the long term aiming to make it big in the same line of work like me. A banker leads a very systematic and methodical life under a lot of pressure and continuous threats. There are huge risks faced by him every moment and he is better known as a risk manager

Amidst all this, we have also begun another two major portions of the syllabus, Professional Communication & Soft Skills and Retail Banking-I. So, the amount of study, training, coaching, teaching, learning, activity, etc. happening is of a really large volume. One of our faculty says that the course is like doing an MBA with 15 years experience. If not 15 years, I definitely feel, its at least 3 years

I just thought of uploading the presentation given by our team the other day during ISAS. And here are the slides of the same

Signing off for the day

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  1. Hey very good team effort.........
    The topics covered & did justice to the topic given to you'll & also the Slide titles are framed in a nice manner as they express the content of the slide in a single statement..........Good job team..........