Wednesday, 27 August 2008

HDFC Bank interview preparations...

It is expected that the interview process will either be tomorrow or the day after. So, today was dedicated for this purpose. 13 of us are eligible for the interview. We underwent a mock interview process. Everyone of us performed well. This helps in building up confidence and gives an experience and exposure that helps to perform well on the D-Day

The interview can swing in any direction. It might get totally academical or technical or family oriented or extracurricular oriented, etc. Ultimately, I believe, what the interviewer looks for is the confidence, willingness, motivation levels, abilities, attitude, etc which are learnt by him indirectly

After the interview, a class on mutual funds and insurance was conducted to give the knowledge about them so that we are confident of answering any questions that might come up in the process

I must really thank our faculty for having taken so much pain in preparing us for the interview. In fact, its not just today. We have been trained in this about a month back too. They have been giving a lot of inputs to us. And I really feel that its our duty to perform well so that these efforts yields fruits. I am sure, these processes that we have gone through will help us not just for this interview but also for the entire life. They deserve a big round of applause

Signing off for the day

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