Friday, 29 August 2008

HDFC Interview postponed due to month end business...

Well, the big event of this week has been carried forward to the next week. Due to heavy workload at the month end, HDFC Bank has postponed the interviews to the next week

Today was a cool day. I missed out the first class as I got up too late in the morning. Though I made up things quick and even skipped my breakfast (which I am doing daily for some cost cutting as well as fat reduction), I reached 30 minutes late and as I did not wish to disturb the class by entering so late, I just stayed back in the library. Of course, wherever there is a connection to the internet, I just easily hang out there

Later, we had some activities like preparing charts for inward and outward clearing, listing out differences between local clearing and inter bank clearing. We were divided in groups. Naveen, Ruchi, Rekha, Ajeya, Vibha and I formed the first group. It went on well

We had a Finacle class after a long time where we covered topics relating to multiple debits, credits, etc
We were supposed to submit the MOAF forms (Module Objectives Attainment Feedback) today. These are available at the end of each book and contain information to ascertain whether the student has been able to understand what has been taught. It was told that these must be submitted today morning. In fact, I was the one to pass this information to everyone yesterday evening. And unfortunately, I was the only person who forgot to get them today. However, I had 2 books with me and I took the forms on spot and filled them up and handed over to the faculty. For the remaining books, I promised to give them on Monday

Soon, we had lunch and after lunch, I went along with Sameer, Bineet & Rekha to St. Mark's Road for some work. After that, I came back to IFBI as I have to collect a courier and submit documents for the educational loan at ICICI Bank today

The weekend has begun and lets see, what excitement awaits this weekend

Signing off for the day

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