Thursday, 14 August 2008

A lunch with the Centre Head...

Today is the last day of the weekend as tomorrow is a holiday on the occassion of Independence Day. We had the classes as usual today. Additionally, we had an activity in relation to opening of accounts in a bank. A student acted as a bank manager (Ajeya) and a couple (Naveen & Nikita) come to open a joint account at the bank. The couple is being introduced by an existing account holder (Gopinath). There was some good discussion about how the account is operated, whether a minor (a 5 year old daughter) can be made a nominee. And if so, who should act as the guardian and so on. It was a nice role play

Further, today's review was presented by Richa Jha. It was quite good in terms of presentation. However, the need for more seriousness and proper explanation of concepts was stressed

We were given National Flag batches to celebrate the spirit of Independence. And to express our feeling of being an Indian, I was called up to put that instinct and passion in all by proudly expressing- "Mera Bharat Mahaan...!!!". That was good and I had passed the spirit of Independence across convincingly

And another special point about the day was a lunch hosted by Ms Sindhu, the officiating Center Head. It was a casual lunch attended by 6 of us. We had a small chat about making IFBI a brand with stronger appeal and enable penetration across the city. I could not believe that I was speaking to someone holding a management degree from the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. It was a great time

We will be moving on for a long weekend which includes Independence Day as well as Rakshabandhan

Signing off for the day

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