Tuesday, 19 August 2008

MT 2 is no more...

We have just finished the MT 2 forever. It was good and as a class, the teachers were glad to see a 100% pass. Everyone cleared the test with good marks. I was among the best performers. The test was on OOB, AML & LIEB. It was a 40 minute test comprising 25 questions

The classes continued then

And after lunch, we had gone for a special meet. Naveen, Raghavendra, Maruti, Sivakumar and Raju accompanied me. And after the meet, we went back home

These days, a sort of problem has arisen at my PG. The geyser at my room is not working and I am supposed to use the geyser at the other room. And the person in the other room keeps it locked. I have told him a couple of times about the issue and yet, he doesn't understand. Today, I faced the same problem and due to time constraint, I had to adjust with cold water. It had rained the previous night. And some drizzling too was on. And in such a condition, using ice cold water on the body made me remember the Indian Army. I somehow managed to get in at right time in to IFBI to attend the test scheduled at 8 am

A new plan of doing something new is going on in my mind. And I have passed on the plan to my friends too. They all have liked it. And soon, we might start exploring the opportunity

Signing off for the day

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