Tuesday, 5 August 2008

MT1 gets out of the way...

The first monthly test has got out of the way and everyone is happy for that. Almost everyone has got a good score and have cleared the test. I could get just a whisker above 90%. Some pretty silly mistakes costed me the rest of the marks. I overlooked some questions too confidently and never noticed that I was wrong. One was a question asking which side of an account is the credit side and I answered it as the left side. Another was a question that asked the relation between two variables. I had selected the answer as inversely related. However, later, I remembered something and chose diversely related and that went wrong. Further, one question asked, if the customer opts for monthly interest, will he get the same amount of interest. Practically, he gets lesser interest and I answered that. However, theoretically, he gets the same amount of interest. That was another mistake. And another one or two mistakes in IFS costed me the remaining marks
As soon as the tests got over, we had to get ready for the next battle. The MT2 will be held on 14th of this month. We need to cover a major portion of this syllabus through the Web Based Training (WBT). So, the race continues
Signing off for the day

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