Monday, 25 August 2008

A new day after an exciting weekend...

After a wonderful weekend, we are back on the premises of IFBI for the journey. Today was a fine day. We continued with PCSS. One small moment of disturbance was when sir caught me singing song and fired. It was a little sad for me. Usually, I never do anything wrong. And whenever I take even the slightest deviating step, I am immediately caught. In a way, I should be thankful to the God that this is preventing me from doing anything wrong or uncommon

A review was given by Naveen Crasta today. It was good

The speciality of the day was the birthday celebration of Maruti Bhogulkar. We cut a cake and had good fun. Of course, the chocolate cake not just just went in the mouth but also cheeks, chin, nose, eyes, ears and where not

The birthday boy also sponsored the lunch for the day. Thanks for that and wish you a great life ahead. Happy Birthday!

Maruti, Raghavendra, Raju, Naveen Koganti and I had been to the movie 'Bachna Ae Haseeno' on Saturday. We had been for the matinee show at Urvashi theatre near Lalbagh maingate. It was an OK type movie. The title song was the most exciting part of the movie. In fact, the story has no relation with the title or the title song. I believe, its only because of this song that the movie has been able to get some audience. And yes, it was the first time that I was going for a movie in Bengaluru. A little hard to believe but the fact. It costed Rs 80 for the dress circle. A good beginning. In my city, the balcony too doesn't cost me so much. We had great fun together. In the interval, I moved out to get something to eat. However, seeing the sandwich costing Rs 40 and coke costing Rs 30, my stomach was more than filled and I went back for the second half

After the movie, we planned to move on to ISKCON Temple as it was Krishna Janamashtami. It was already late. Yet, we decided to move on as this opportunity would not come again. We jumped from one bus to another and caught an auto later and finally reached the great temple. It had been a wish from a long time for me to go to this place. I was very happy. The crowd was too large. We went on. The temple has been planned in a very beautiful manner. After moving in the queue for about 30 minutes, we could see the God's idols. It was fantastic. I was delighted and lost in prayer. I have been going to ISKCON Hubli and so, I know how exciting it is to pray to Lord Krishna. And after a dream come true, I went ahead towards the prasadam area. Soon, we moved on and after offering a final prayer to the Lord, we came out of the temple

We had some pani puri and masala puri. In fact, we also had some samosas sweet in the temple. And then, we all caught buses that would take us back to our homes

It was a great day spent together that will stay in the mind and heart for a long to come

On Sunday, we had a plan of going for an anniversary celebration of the company which we had decided to get in for doing the business (RMP). In fact, it was a rare opportunity as it happens once in a year only. And luckily, we were here in Bengaluru and that too, just about to get into the business. So, it was like a diamond in a bucket of gold. Though I asked everyone to join, only Maruti made it. We had some nice dances, fashion shows, songs, laser light shows, celebrations and so on. It was conducted at the Koramangala Indoor Stadium and was attended by at least 10000 people

That was really a strong weekend, I must say

Signing off for the day


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    So many celebrations & a week full of fun, going through which felt so cool........

  2. It,s always good to have a fun on weekend..