Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A new week begins...

The new week has begun and the 1st day has almost come to an end. This week is going to be only for 4 days as the 5th day is Independence Day which is a national holiday. Today was a very plain and simple day. All the classes for the day were taken by Nagesh Sir alone. We started a new chapter, namely Collection Services, and finished almost half of it. And then, we also learnt a little bit of inventory mangement (splitting, issue of chequebooks, etc.) in Finacle. The day came to an end by 1.30 pm and there was no post lunch session. There was no lab either as the labs were occupied for some examination purposes. So, everyone packed back home. However, I came back after lunch as I had some work (honestly, I had no work at home & so, wanted to use the free interest till evening). Further, there is also a need to read the LMS lessons which are included in the syllabus for our monthly test on the coming Thursday. 2 more days to go for that
Signing off for the day

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