Thursday, 7 August 2008

No time to write the blog now...

With the speed of learning going up each and every moment, time available is on a continuous decrease. Further, the classes are running till the evening and the lab session runs till the sun sets. Thus, it is slowly pressuring and making things tougher. Unlike previous weeks, this week, I have been unable to find any time for my other activities

The review work has begun again with a higher level of seriousness now. Yesterday, it was presented by Jeena. It was a good show. And today, Kamaksha gave the review. He was a little nervous. However, he gave good information and did his best

Learning Finacle is becoming an adventurous act. We have now learnt to add a customer to create a Customer ID, opening an account, etc. It has great functions and is very extensive. In the lab sessions, we were asked to create customer IDs and accounts. It was a good learning process. Most of us have created our own dummy accounts and set balances of tens of thousands of crores in our accounts :)

As rightly said,
Information Technology is such a field where,
What is invented today,
Becomes outdated tomorrow
So, its time to meet rise with these demanding situations and keep performing

Today, we also had a nice activity in the class. The game is famously known as 'Chinese Whispers. A message was passed on to one person to be passed on to another 6 persons. And finally, it was totally distorted. The actual message passed was contained a sentence that mentioned the list of documents needed to buy a mutual fund. However, it got distorted to such an extent that, finally, these people were selling mutual funds to their counterparts. :-)

Signing off for the day

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