Monday, 11 August 2008

Nothing much happening...

This week has been a very quite one with almost everything in a standstill. There has been no business progress. Most of the times, I kept waiting to meet people and people did not turn up. It happens

I was able to get some mutual fund leads this week. About 4 to 5 mutual fund subcriptions in the form of SIP have been sold by me. The processing remains to be done

On Sunday, we planned another Ajeets meet. A lot of my 1 year seniors joined us. Me, Mallu, Gurushant, Rajshekar Laddimath went on to forum to meet our SSBJ brothers Manu G V, Basavaraj Masur, Prashant Metri, Arif M B, Siddalingesh Zalaki and Praveen Chakramani. All have made a good progress in life and are well settled. Our Laddimath has joined B L Kashyap as a Construction Engineer recently. For those who know him, I would like to mention that he off totally on the head :-)

Mallikarjun Swami has got an admission for higher studies at Manchester as well as Nottingham University in the UK. He even has offer open at Jindal Steel. What to do? Where to go? Totally confused

Gurushant is the final year of Engineering and he is already placed in Cognizant Technology Services

G V Manu is working at Defence Research Development Organization, Praveeen Chakramani at TechMahindra, Basavaraj Masur at Mindtree, Siddu Zalaki at TCS, Prashant Metri is doing a PhD at IISc and Arif at Accenture

All Ajeets rocking on... And surprisingly, it was an All Adilshahi Day

We had some good time at The Forum Mall. And rejoiced our school moments. And then, our seniors gave us a treat at McDonalds for the success in their life

We were there till late evening and then each of waved hands to get back to the same old life
I, Praveen and Siddu went on to the Tycoons International Business Building Seminar under RMP Infotec. While Siddu and Praveen are already into it, I am yet to join. I feel like I must join and explore this opporunity. However, practically, things seem a little blurr. Further, when I join for a job, it will be almost impossible to concentrate on the same. Moreover, to get started, there is a need for Vitamin M, which is not available with me at the moment

I have decided to have a serious look at this sometime soon with all my friends. Lets see what comes out

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