Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Round and round... Around the city...

A lot of travel is happening each day. I had to submit some mutual fund applications and it was a real tough job. In Hubli, getting the clients was difficult and here, getting the mutual fund houses to submit the forms is getting difficult

I moved from Jayanagar to Corporation in a bus. And from there, I took another bus to Mayo Hall. I walked till Brigade Road. Then, I found that the Sundaram BNP Paribas AMC is on the other end of the road. I walked all the way there for about 2 kms and submitted the forms. I walked on to Mueseum Road and from there, I took a bus to M G Road. And then, to Trinity Circle to reach ICICI Prudential AMC. Then, I walked along for a km to reach Manipal Centre. I thought that the CAMS Service Centre is there. However, I could not find it. Luckily, I got a call from my friend, Siddu, who found out the exact address from the internet. I submitted some more forms there. There was a problem in submitting the SBIMF form as the cheque was outstation. Luckily, there was someone from the AMC itself who took the responsibility of doing the remaining work

The MF work was almost over. I had to submit the Birla Sunlife MF empanelment form and an application too. I had to do this by courier as it has to be sent to Hubli

I had to go to Basaweshwar Nagar then. For this, I had a great problem in getting a bus. I kept roaming to find the right stop. Finally, I decided to go back to Shivaji Nagar to take a bus from there. It started raining instantly and I had to wait. Later, I went on to Shivaji Nagar and from there, I took a bus to Basaweshwar Nagar. Unfortunately, I could not get my work done there as I reached late. I had to walk a lot again to catch a bus and reach Shivaji Nagar. And from there, I got back to Jayanagar by 9 pm

The mistake I did was I was totally unplanned. I went on too randomly and it was really tiresome. I hardly get 2% commission on a MF investment. And all these investment were of Rs 500. 2% of Rs 3000 is Rs 60. However, I spent over 5 hours today and also a lot of time earlier in convincing the clients. So, thats a little sad seeing the earning aspect. But then, I am happy that I am able to do this for them

And then, I got a call from my friend to meet at Koramangala. I agreed and had a quick shower. As I had to leave early in the morning, I also had a shave then itself and went on to the 4th Block busstop. The bus stop is over 1 km away from my room. So, each time I go out, I need to walk for at least a kilometre. It was raining continously. Moreover, it was alrady 10.30 pm and the buses were scarce. Finally, we decided to postpone the meet and I came back to my room

I noticed that I had not had my food. So, I rushed to a restaurant. Another great incident happened there. I ordered for a chappatti and a parota. The rates were Rs 6 each. And then, I asked if I could get some sabji with that. The waiter gave me green peas. It was very good and I liked it. Only on paying the bill, I got to know that the green peas sabji costs Rs 20. So sad. Had I not gone for dinner, I would save Rs 32

Hmmm... Everythings a part and parcel of life. For every debit, there has to be a credit :-)

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