Thursday, 21 August 2008

Some unease peeps in again...

I got up too late today as I slept too late yesterday. Further, I skipped my breakfast to ensure that I am in right time to the class. Though I reached in time, I was uncomfortable. I managed to stay on cool. However, I had to face some sour things yet again due to this unease

As it keeps happening with me, I am misunderstood many a times by a lot of people as having a superiority complex or being egoistic. Though not true, I know that my body language has to be blamed for this. Though I am open minded and do not have any such complexities, sometimes, I am too deeply involved in some thoughts that totally zeroes my response to other things and thereby people come to such conclusions like I am having an ego, etc. I need to put a conscious effort to overcome this. And once a person points me out, I feel bad for that and I usually decide to keep quiet rather than trying to prove anything. Unfortunately, even this too appears as a signal of ego. I need to do something in relation to this. Though I have always tried to keep myself in a low profile, it does not happen and in some or the other way, I am highlighted. And then, the expectations of the people grow and its really tough to live up to all these expectations. But then, I can't run away either. So, I have to find a perfect solution to this particular problem. In fact, its not a problem. I can say, its an impression that gets created in the mind of the other person due to what I do. I just need to ensure that such misunderstandings dont happen

Today, we have been given a new task of covering up a topic in tomorrow's class. I shall be covering up the topic alongwith my team that includes Raju, Vibha and Ruchi

The reviewing activity for the day was done by Gopinath and it was very good show put up by him. He was confident, continuous and had a good flow of thoughts

Signing off for the day

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