Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Things get a little worse...

I dont understand what is going on but there is something wrong somewhere. Today, I was just taking out some small dust particle that was stuck to my fingernail and suddenly, the faculty got angry and fired on me. It was difficult when he said that I consider myself as some great professor. I don't understand what is going wrong. This is the only class that I am unable to go normally. All other classes, I am cool, interactive, interested and I am sure, no faculty has any complaint or qualification against me. But this class, I am not in a position to handle. I am a person who can't sit idle. If I speak up, I am treated as oversmart. If I sit quiet, my attention gets diverted elsewhere. There is a need for me to keep myself attentive and open to the class. For some time at least, I need to keep quiet and ensure that things go fine

The HDFC Bank interview process is soon to happen

Signing off for the day

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