Monday, 18 August 2008

Week after week... A new week begins...

6 weeks up and the 7th has begun. Its indeed a big time spent over here in the portals of IFBI, Bengaluru. I can say that we are through almost 50% of the training programme. But then, there is yet a lot to come and a lot to learn. Learning is a never ending process. Every moment of life teaches you something, irrespective of whether you want to learn or not

There was a long weekend gap. Not to forget, we had been to the Lalbagh on Thursday. Me, Naveen Koganti, Maruti, Raghavendra, Raju and Gopinath. I was too tired and upon that, we had been issued a new set of books today which were being carried by us in our bags. That made it too heavy and made the trip a little uncomfortable. It was raining too and that added some more problems. There was a good Flower Show going on in that place. It was arranged in a beautiful manner. Raghu was taking continuous photographs. I was just thinking what has made him so excited that he is taking so many photographs. Even Gopinath joined him in the process followed by Naveen and Raju. Hmmm... I think they were showing off their mobiles to each other and also to me and Maruti who did not have a camera cell :-) Kidding

We had plans of meeting on Saturday at BTM Water Tank for some reasons. However, only Maruti turned up for that. The camera mobiles were off ;P

Today, we had a class on customer service and Finacle. We were taught about Transaction Maintenance (TM) today. It includes cash transfers, normal receipts, normal payments, etc. And then, we had a revision for the MT-2 scheduled tomorrow at 8 am

Post lunch, I came back with an intention of studying the LMS portion for the test tomorrow. However, that did not get possible. I was able to cover just 2 chapters and another 6 remain unread. I need to cover them using the RB-I book or by coming early in the morning for the same

Signing off for the day

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