Monday, 4 August 2008

Whats new... Down Town Pub...

Nothing much. Its all the same life from a long time. The new month has begun and thats the only change in life. Instead of July, we are going to write August :-)

This week, I have been meeting a large number of people

I met Mr Arun Mannapur, our school senior and the son of our beloved Mannapur sir (National Award for The Best Teacher). He is working in Mindtree Consulting and also has a network marketing business

I met Mr Vinay, a TCS employee, in regards to LIC and mutual funds. He showed some interest in mutual funds

I met Mr Pavanraj, my senior at JGCC, who is working at Accenture BPO. I was meeting him after a long time and we rejoiced it

Bengaluru being the city of opportunities, a large volume of people keep flying in here. My schoolmates, Veeresh Kamat and Kiran Bendigiri had also come here and I met them. Even Santosh Pujari was with us. It was a good time

And the biggest one being the pending meet of Ajeets of last week. I called up everyone and arranged the meet. We had decided to meet at The Forum Mall. However, it was later changed to Brigade Road. 5 pm on Sunday, the 3rd of August 2008 was the time given for the meet. Veeresh Biradar, Kishore Honnur, Sanotsh Pujari, Rajendra Kalgudi, Gurushant Golgerimath, Abhaykumar Roy joined me at The Garuda Mall. We even had Sangangouda Patil, our senior, who joined us alongwith 2 more new friends. And then, after a small chat, Kishore initiated everyone to go for some extraordinary adventure. And before I could refuse, everyone had taken the step for that. I and Sangan were to odd men out. But then, we walked along with them, though, did not join them in the party. We sat like innocent children and watched them :-)

Well, after all this, we were again back to the Mall and spent some time there. We wanted to have dinner but the time did not permit us

Soon, everyone departed. And me, after saying bye to all, went to the bus stand where, as usual, things were a little dark in the dark. There was no bus. I walked all the way for about 4 kms to Shivajinagar. And then, luckily, got a direct bus to Jayanagar. And luckily, my bus pass was still valid :-)

I reached the room by 11.11 pm and realised that I have a very important deal tomorrow. I had to set some thing for that. However, my tiredness did not allow me to do it. I set the alarm at 5 am and went asleep. But then, alarm is after all, under our control, which when rung, can be put off and a person can continue sleeping :-)

That was all the activity of the week. One more very important thing is that the LIC business has begun. I was able to login 2 policies this week. And thats all I can cheer about. However, a lot is yet to come

And yeah, the BCom results too have been announced. I have managed an overall aggregate of 91.42%. Thank you God

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