Friday, 26 September 2008

A first shot at Pizza Hut...

Pizza is one thing that I always love to eat. I have been eating a lot of that. But then, its surprising for me too to see that I have never been to Pizza Hut. Yes, I have been numerous times to Dominos, Pizza Corner, various restaurants, etc to have Pizza but never to Pizza Hut. We have (now, I must say, we HAD) a Pizza Hut in Hubli too. But then, it has been shut down. Though it was there for about 2 years, I postponed each time and I never went there either. I have been having pizzas from Pizza Hut through their home delivery service but have never gone into the place

So, this was the first time I was going to Pizza Hut and it was at the Brigade Road in Bengaluru. The treat was sponsored by Naveen to celebrate his success. Even Maruti joined us for the same. We had been to The Garuda Mall for the treat. However, we did not find anything good there to eat. So, we walked on to this

We waited for some time before we got a seat. I ordered for a medium punjabi pizza and a normal medium pizza with a pepsi. It was served in a good way. The taste too was good. I liked it. And then, we rung the bell thanking for the service

Monday, 8 September 2008

Breezer... Is it alchoholic...

Recently, I had been to a restaurant for a small party that was hosted by Shekar, a great achiever at my business team. Mac and Sagar were also present. That was Nandhini restaurant on St Marks Road. The restaurant is just opposite our team office. The Nandhini group has a chain of restaurants across the city and is a famous place. The treat came as a surprise to me. It was just the next day of me joining the business. While making the order, I was asked if I drink. I said no. I even said that I am a pure vegetarian. I said I am OK with pepsi or slice or something like that. Suddenly, Shekar came up with an idea of ordering a Canberra Breezer for me and him. I never heard of it before. I was confused. But then, I was told that it is a juice that contains a very negligible amount of alchohol. I was still confused. And then, he said that alchohol is even used as a tasting material in gobi manchuris. So, it was not that alchohol is bad. It all depends on volume. And even I knew the fact that alcohol is used in preparing gobi manchuris. And yes, I was convinced. Confused and convinced. In no time, it was before me. I had a sip hesistatingly. And then, I felt it like a juice only and I went on with it

Be it whatever, I liked it and may be, I will go for some more whenever I wish to

Some regular activities of life...

In Bengaluru, a lot of changes have been added in life. And these changes have become a part and parcel of my life now. Let me just review on these and see how this life has added value to my living. Let me also analyse in what way I am on the losing end

An added advantage of a fast life is that you get up early in the morning. The race is on everytime and so, you need to be at par in this. So, irrespective of what time you go to bed, you get up early. I am habituated to be up by 6 am now. While in Hubli, my sleep time was too fluctuating. I used to get up at 4 am and even at 10 am. Now, there is some balance in respect of this

Another thing for which I am very happy is that I go to the temple every morning. In Hubli too, I always pray to God at home as soon as I have bath. I thought this will not be possible once I am here. But then, I have made it possible. There is a Ganesh Temple, Navagrahadevata Temple, Mariyamma Temple, Shiva Temple and many more near my room. And I go to the Ganesh Temple every morning. Occassionally, I also go to other temples

In the day, I keep doing a lot of activities realted to every field of work I am involved in. Time has been moving good. And each is used efficiently. Unlike life in Hubli where there would be a lot of time wastage, I can see a better time use here. I usually dont have breakfast as I am in a rush in the morning. I take a plate of chappattis for lunch. And a plate of rice for dinner. But in the course of day, I usually keep having a lot of food like samosas, chats, etc as and when I feel hungry. Recently, I read that having food 5-6 times a day in smaller quantities increases metabolism and adds to health

I am spending a good amount of time towards the newly taken up venture of retail marketing opportunity. Its a wonderful area to work and things are moving pretty good for now

A lot of friends have been getting in touch and a lot of new friends have been added to life. One very important point here is that the entire community is interested in growth and development in life. Unlike Hubli, no one is bothered about all silly things in life. Its all very crystal clear, clean and straight forward. Further, this doesnt mean that people will hurt you. In fact, its the other way round. There is such a good and healthy relationship that builds up here. It is fair competition that happens here. And each time there is an argument, it is taken very sportively. People are matured enough to understand things. For example, I keep arguing with Siddu and Anand sir every moment. But then, not even once has it hurt them nor me. The reason is that our focus is on solving the problem that has popped up. We never take the words personally. And when we have such a matured appreach, we easily get the solution. However, at Hubli, we usually add more problems to the existing problem. Even when I asked people to concentrate on the problem and solve it, people would only make an effort to either ignore it or to run away or escape from it. But, how long? It would crop up again another day and keep spoiling things

I am glad that people are much matured, understanding and more willing to solve problems rather than create a foul cry on them

Thats how life should be

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Swings always excite on extremes...

Swinging takes you to take extremes and gets you back to a balancing position in a few moments. And again, you are sent to another extreme. Similar is my story where balance hardly stays. I always keep swining from one thing to another. And for a swinger like me, 24 hours a day is something insufficient

I have been meeting a lot of people and sharing my business ideas with them. It includes a good number of Ajeets, friends, acquaintances and others. People have been appreciating this business model and have started to benefit themselves from this. I have started to give more time to the business and slowly, LIC business is on a slack. Hmmm... Actually speaking, LIC business has been on a total slack from August 14 2007. That was the day when LIC Money Plus was withdrawn. And soon, I had Youth Festival competitions and Teachers's Day Celebration at college which made me too busy. Further, as it was a final year at college, I was too involved in all other activities. And personal life, home life, time with friends, etc drew off a lot of time. And soon, the 6th and final semester exams came up. And after that, I made a serious decison of getting back to LIC business. And the efforts are on. However, slowly, the concentration is shifting over to other business opportunities

I have been working too late and too long. I have been reaching home by 12 am, 1 am and so on. The beginning, at least, has been a rock show with a big team joining in the first week itself. Now, I need to ensure that this team grows. There are a lot of things I have been thinking upon. Further, my team too is coming with innovative ideas like a 45 day plan, etc. We have even set up our own team office

Some difficulties are definitely on. One of the major one being the washing of clothes. Its a tedious job that has been taking a toll on me. And yeah, recently, my blanket, mobile charger, towel, soaps were stolen. Hmmm... Not exactly stolen. Our maid thought that I have left the room and gone back to Hubli and so, she took them all to her home. On being asked, she was afraid and she told that she has not seen anything. I told her in a cool and calm manner that these are daily use items and it creates a lot of problem when these are not there. So, I requested her to return them. I also told her that I will not tell anyone and she can just keep them and go

Surprisingly, the next day, the blanket was back. And today, the mobile charger is back. I await for the towel and soaps to come back now. Great fun is on

Will post more soon

Monday, 1 September 2008

Life going the hard way...

Life has been moving across a hard path from a long time. Its taking a lot of work, effort and the pain being suffered is immense. The pressure is high and is increasing with each passing moment. There is so much to do and so less time. Success, unfortunately, is going away from life
A lot of effort is going towards RMP too. On saturday and sunday, I had devoted the entire 48 hours for this. There was a lot that happened on saturday. However, nothing happened on sunday

This week, I met Veeresh Kamat, Girish Bagewadi, Madhusudan Rao after a long time and it was a good. I even met Prashant Metri. Siddu and Anand sir are always there

The most surprising moment was with Prashant Patil. I was speaking with Siddu and Anand sir about inviting him. And then, Siddu just told me that if I do not invite him, someone else will do that. And then, we were packing back home. Siddu went to the loo. And I took out my cell to give a call to Prashant. And this is one of the greatest miracles I saw in life. Prashant was just before me. I just could not believe it. Speechless, I ran back to call Siddu. But then, Pacchu was waving hand to me. I again decided to go and meet Pacchu. And yes, he was invited by someone else. Siddu came and he was also dumbstruck. A real miracle

Tough life. Washing clothes has become another real challenge. All this week's clothes were pending for a wash. And I reached home at 10 pm yesterday compared to 11.30 pm on Saturday. Helpless, I had to wash the clothes. Else, I would have a big trouble through the week. I did that upto 11.30 pm. And its really tough

Life is taking a lot of twists and turns every moment. What is true now is not at all even applicable to the next moment. I am really confused as to where at least is this path heading towards. But then, I have faith in the God. Whatever he does, he does it for our good. Whatever pain I am experience now might be a punishment for something wrong that I have done or it might also be that all my future pains are getting cleared now itself so that I can life a happy future

Lets await and see where God leads life to