Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Bank of Bengaluru...

Today was a cool day with some activities assigned to us. The first one was to discuss about various alternate channels of banking and discuss their features, benefits, limitations, cost involved, etc. It was a nice show by everyone. I was preoccupied with some hassles in relation with my education loan. So, I was not able to give 100% into the same

Then, we had an activity where we were supposed to build a bank premises using the toy items. As children, a lot of us might have used those building blocks to create various structures. Similarly, we did this activity of setting up the bank premises. We were divided in 3 groups. And after a lot of effort, we were able to create a good bank premises. And our group got the first position

And the most important part of it is the name of our bank. We called it, The Bank of Bengaluru

The news review was presented by Maruti and he did a good job

Signing off for the day

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