Monday, 8 September 2008

Breezer... Is it alchoholic...

Recently, I had been to a restaurant for a small party that was hosted by Shekar, a great achiever at my business team. Mac and Sagar were also present. That was Nandhini restaurant on St Marks Road. The restaurant is just opposite our team office. The Nandhini group has a chain of restaurants across the city and is a famous place. The treat came as a surprise to me. It was just the next day of me joining the business. While making the order, I was asked if I drink. I said no. I even said that I am a pure vegetarian. I said I am OK with pepsi or slice or something like that. Suddenly, Shekar came up with an idea of ordering a Canberra Breezer for me and him. I never heard of it before. I was confused. But then, I was told that it is a juice that contains a very negligible amount of alchohol. I was still confused. And then, he said that alchohol is even used as a tasting material in gobi manchuris. So, it was not that alchohol is bad. It all depends on volume. And even I knew the fact that alcohol is used in preparing gobi manchuris. And yes, I was convinced. Confused and convinced. In no time, it was before me. I had a sip hesistatingly. And then, I felt it like a juice only and I went on with it

Be it whatever, I liked it and may be, I will go for some more whenever I wish to

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