Thursday, 10 July 2008

Chale Chalo...

After a couple of days of initial effort, I feel, I have slowly adapted to the system. All has become a part of life. Getting up early by 6, having a bath, walking to the classes after a breakfast on the way, attending the early morning computer class which has become a real problem due to the amount of boredom created by it, then a class on banking studying the same things which I have been doing all through the past couple of years, lab sessions where I keep sending more emails rather than doing the assignments and then, moving back to the different tasks. Today at least, I fell asleep in the class. There's nothing special to mention about. This is just the 3rd day and we need to spend 3 months in the same kind of a life. Though its getting a little boring (rather much), I believe, slowly, things might change. I was given a student number today. My number is 4010800292

Thats all for the day. I think, I will soon move from here and go ahead with different tasks for the day

Signing off...

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