Friday, 26 September 2008

A first shot at Pizza Hut...

Pizza is one thing that I always love to eat. I have been eating a lot of that. But then, its surprising for me too to see that I have never been to Pizza Hut. Yes, I have been numerous times to Dominos, Pizza Corner, various restaurants, etc to have Pizza but never to Pizza Hut. We have (now, I must say, we HAD) a Pizza Hut in Hubli too. But then, it has been shut down. Though it was there for about 2 years, I postponed each time and I never went there either. I have been having pizzas from Pizza Hut through their home delivery service but have never gone into the place

So, this was the first time I was going to Pizza Hut and it was at the Brigade Road in Bengaluru. The treat was sponsored by Naveen to celebrate his success. Even Maruti joined us for the same. We had been to The Garuda Mall for the treat. However, we did not find anything good there to eat. So, we walked on to this

We waited for some time before we got a seat. I ordered for a medium punjabi pizza and a normal medium pizza with a pepsi. It was served in a good way. The taste too was good. I liked it. And then, we rung the bell thanking for the service

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