Monday, 8 September 2008

IFBI Academic Head visits IFBI Bengaluru...

The highlight for the day was our interaction with the Academic Head of IFBI. He is a person with a vast amount of industry experience. We had a good time interacting with him. He gave us some information and asked everyone to be serious about studies and perform well at the interview. Suggestions for improvement were asked. A feedback too was was taken. He also cross checked our knowledge by asking various academic questions. One very good point brought out was that we were unable to remember the most basic points of banking. We had a perfect understanding. However, things did not come out of the mouth as they should have come. Further, we all tend to concentrate on higher level knowledge and rememeber everything about it and also tend to ignore the basics. Though we have a perfect understanding, a perfect explanation too is needed to express our understanding. A wrong explanation represents a misunderstanding

Today, we had the RB and Finacle classes. We had a detailed study on ATM as a channel migration tool was discussed. An activity too was conducted where in the customer's card has been misused and he comes out to fire the bank officials for his loss. The ways to handle such issues were addressed. Security measures and precautions to be taken by the customer as well as the banker were discussed in full length

Today's review was given by Saurav and there is nothing much to tell as he did not tell anything either. Jokes are OK but not at the cost of people who are spending their time to achieve something with seriousness

Signing off for the day

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