Monday, 1 September 2008

Life going the hard way...

Life has been moving across a hard path from a long time. Its taking a lot of work, effort and the pain being suffered is immense. The pressure is high and is increasing with each passing moment. There is so much to do and so less time. Success, unfortunately, is going away from life
A lot of effort is going towards RMP too. On saturday and sunday, I had devoted the entire 48 hours for this. There was a lot that happened on saturday. However, nothing happened on sunday

This week, I met Veeresh Kamat, Girish Bagewadi, Madhusudan Rao after a long time and it was a good. I even met Prashant Metri. Siddu and Anand sir are always there

The most surprising moment was with Prashant Patil. I was speaking with Siddu and Anand sir about inviting him. And then, Siddu just told me that if I do not invite him, someone else will do that. And then, we were packing back home. Siddu went to the loo. And I took out my cell to give a call to Prashant. And this is one of the greatest miracles I saw in life. Prashant was just before me. I just could not believe it. Speechless, I ran back to call Siddu. But then, Pacchu was waving hand to me. I again decided to go and meet Pacchu. And yes, he was invited by someone else. Siddu came and he was also dumbstruck. A real miracle

Tough life. Washing clothes has become another real challenge. All this week's clothes were pending for a wash. And I reached home at 10 pm yesterday compared to 11.30 pm on Saturday. Helpless, I had to wash the clothes. Else, I would have a big trouble through the week. I did that upto 11.30 pm. And its really tough

Life is taking a lot of twists and turns every moment. What is true now is not at all even applicable to the next moment. I am really confused as to where at least is this path heading towards. But then, I have faith in the God. Whatever he does, he does it for our good. Whatever pain I am experience now might be a punishment for something wrong that I have done or it might also be that all my future pains are getting cleared now itself so that I can life a happy future

Lets await and see where God leads life to

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