Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Revisions go on... Tensions build over...

There were just a couple of classes today to revise the RB-II portion so that we are prepared for the coming test. Things are getting a little dull over here. I believe, the reason is that no one is getting answers to their questions about placements. In fact, there is nothing to blame anyone. The world is facing a recession. The banking and financial services industry is worst hit by all this. So, things are not smooth. In such cases, we cant help it. But then, we cant even afford to accept these reasons and keep quiet for the kind of money, time and energy lost in the last couple of months. I am terribly upset due to everything. On one side are these issues, on the other side are questions from family and on another side are the unanswered questions of life. I had set things with a perspective of 3 months. Everything went on fine till now as planned. However, all of a sudden, things have tumbled

I know that things will get right and everything will go fine. There is no doubt about this. But then, it will take time. And time is the only thing which is the obstacle that I dont want to face. There is panic built in me now

Signing off for the day

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