Monday, 29 September 2008

To lie or Not to lie... What a situation...

This week, perhaps, will be the smallest working week for me. I am with plans of going to Hubli on Wednesday. Thursday is a holiday and I am going to apply for a leave on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are off days. So, I will get a good 4 days for a visit to Hubli. Its been long that I have gone home. I am kind of dying to go to Hubli. Only I know how I am missing the most valuable part of my life, rather my life. However, I am having a mental hurdle as well. The purpose of coming here to Bengaluru with no intimation to anyone is to go back and surprise everyone. However, it has not been served yet. Our interviews are not over. Things have turned very awkward. In fact, we were told that we will get the offer letter within 1-2 weeks of joining but its almost 3 months now and nothing is done. Things are postponed beyond limits. Our course, which should have got over by now, seems to run up to 24th or 29th of October, i.e., 17 or 22 days extra time

Further, there is nothing confirming jobs for us yet. Our joining is nowhere known or even talked about. The previous batch sat home for 2 months after the course before joining the internship. So, its really adding to my woes. Due to this, I am a little confused over moving to Hubli for I cant answer anything about whats happening in Bengaluru. Till now, my life here is a top secret. No one except my parents have an idea of this. I only hope I do not become a disaster in lieu of a surprise. I really do not know what I will get from IFBI or what I will get when I tell people about what I got. Its the greatest dilemma

Sometimes, I feel I did a mistake by not informing. Sometime, I feel surprises are good. Had it been a 6 months course or more, I would have definitely informed. However, for this being just 3 months and due to the promise that we will get the offer letter within 2 weeks of joining, I decided to take this risk. I thought I will go back after 2 weeks with the offer letter to Hubli. That 2 weeks turned to 3, 4, 5, 6 & so on and even after 3 months, all I have is zero. I have no face to return to Hubli. I have a big fear that it might hurt people to know what I have done. I also have a hope that people might be happy to see the progress and not even bother about me not having informed

Someone has truly said, 'Don't lie ever for whatever reason. 1 lie leads to a 1000 lies and life becomes a hell'. Someone else has said, 'Tell a 100 lies if you are certain of doing something good to the world'. I was confused on who to follow. I always lie (these are actually not lies. For example, you want to surprise your friend on birthday. You will never tell him/her that you are waiting at restaurant to celebrate birthday. You cook some story and when he/she comes, you surprise them with the cake) to surprise people. However, this delay in surprising has created a lot of negative suspense that can be an obstacle. I only hope things will be taken in the right perspective

Hmmm... Lets see what God has planned for us

Signing off for the day


  1. Hi dude, nicely written. nothing wrong in lying if ur doing good. i m sure yu wil not face any problem. dont worry

  2. Hi Trishul, thanks for your words. this was written a long back. ;)

  3. hey there...
    its also said by Gandhi ji "kisi acchhe kaarya ke liye bola gaya jhooth, kai satya se kahi badhkar hita hai"
    so theres nothing wrong in using lie...

  4. Hmmm... That Mahatma said this? Unfortunately, things did not go good due to this lie. My fear of it being a disaster turned to reality. The surprise element lost its essence... Anyways, that was all a long time back... Thanks for your comment Pooja ;)