Monday, 8 September 2008

Some regular activities of life...

In Bengaluru, a lot of changes have been added in life. And these changes have become a part and parcel of my life now. Let me just review on these and see how this life has added value to my living. Let me also analyse in what way I am on the losing end

An added advantage of a fast life is that you get up early in the morning. The race is on everytime and so, you need to be at par in this. So, irrespective of what time you go to bed, you get up early. I am habituated to be up by 6 am now. While in Hubli, my sleep time was too fluctuating. I used to get up at 4 am and even at 10 am. Now, there is some balance in respect of this

Another thing for which I am very happy is that I go to the temple every morning. In Hubli too, I always pray to God at home as soon as I have bath. I thought this will not be possible once I am here. But then, I have made it possible. There is a Ganesh Temple, Navagrahadevata Temple, Mariyamma Temple, Shiva Temple and many more near my room. And I go to the Ganesh Temple every morning. Occassionally, I also go to other temples

In the day, I keep doing a lot of activities realted to every field of work I am involved in. Time has been moving good. And each is used efficiently. Unlike life in Hubli where there would be a lot of time wastage, I can see a better time use here. I usually dont have breakfast as I am in a rush in the morning. I take a plate of chappattis for lunch. And a plate of rice for dinner. But in the course of day, I usually keep having a lot of food like samosas, chats, etc as and when I feel hungry. Recently, I read that having food 5-6 times a day in smaller quantities increases metabolism and adds to health

I am spending a good amount of time towards the newly taken up venture of retail marketing opportunity. Its a wonderful area to work and things are moving pretty good for now

A lot of friends have been getting in touch and a lot of new friends have been added to life. One very important point here is that the entire community is interested in growth and development in life. Unlike Hubli, no one is bothered about all silly things in life. Its all very crystal clear, clean and straight forward. Further, this doesnt mean that people will hurt you. In fact, its the other way round. There is such a good and healthy relationship that builds up here. It is fair competition that happens here. And each time there is an argument, it is taken very sportively. People are matured enough to understand things. For example, I keep arguing with Siddu and Anand sir every moment. But then, not even once has it hurt them nor me. The reason is that our focus is on solving the problem that has popped up. We never take the words personally. And when we have such a matured appreach, we easily get the solution. However, at Hubli, we usually add more problems to the existing problem. Even when I asked people to concentrate on the problem and solve it, people would only make an effort to either ignore it or to run away or escape from it. But, how long? It would crop up again another day and keep spoiling things

I am glad that people are much matured, understanding and more willing to solve problems rather than create a foul cry on them

Thats how life should be

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