Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Soon to leave to Hubli...

Its been almost 3 months that I have been living in Bengaluru. And this weekend, I am going to Hubli. There are certain issues that I need to address, some personal and some professional. I was very excited on this. However, that excitement has reduced considerably and now, I am also feeling like to cancel this move. But then, I cant cancel due to some commitments already passed on with an assurance of me being there. After all, emotions, interests, problems, etc are only applicable to personal life. They do not have any significance in professional life. Performance is required every moment. Promises have to be kept up. There is no question of seeing anything back. Let the situation be whatever, professional life goes on. In such times, its like a sandwiched life that a person leads

Neither can he care for some things which wants to care nor can he ignore those
things which he wants to ignore

Things, though have been shaping well professionally, have gone too worse in the other side of life. Further, my inability to address these issues has added to the woes. I have been trying to do something for all these. I must regret that I have been totally unsuccessful in this. Sometimes, though you make every effort to keep things at bay, they always blast out and create much problematic situations. Pains keep adding, and adding so much that you forget that what you have got is pain. A person walking without shoes might experience the pain of heat and pressure for the first day. Soon, he adapts to the same. But then, I am in a situation where this heat is increasing scrochingly every moment and I lie in this position, helpless. The twists and turns are so deep and strong that it pierces into and creates deepest aches. Yet, everything needs to be digested

Well, this is something that has been happening from a long time in life and things have been the same. I have been taking it all and I am grateful to the God for having given me the strength to take it all

Dard ko bhi ab dard hone laga hai

Dard khud hi mere ghaav dhone laga hai

Dard se jindagi mein kabhi roye na hum

Dard khud hamein dekh kar rone laga hai

I am in a postion of not being able to understand the things happening in life. Efforts are on from moe than 3 years to discover this. And yet, things are on the odd side. The essentials for making things even are, unfortunately, absent

Lets see what these few days add into my life

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