Sunday, 7 September 2008

Swings always excite on extremes...

Swinging takes you to take extremes and gets you back to a balancing position in a few moments. And again, you are sent to another extreme. Similar is my story where balance hardly stays. I always keep swining from one thing to another. And for a swinger like me, 24 hours a day is something insufficient

I have been meeting a lot of people and sharing my business ideas with them. It includes a good number of Ajeets, friends, acquaintances and others. People have been appreciating this business model and have started to benefit themselves from this. I have started to give more time to the business and slowly, LIC business is on a slack. Hmmm... Actually speaking, LIC business has been on a total slack from August 14 2007. That was the day when LIC Money Plus was withdrawn. And soon, I had Youth Festival competitions and Teachers's Day Celebration at college which made me too busy. Further, as it was a final year at college, I was too involved in all other activities. And personal life, home life, time with friends, etc drew off a lot of time. And soon, the 6th and final semester exams came up. And after that, I made a serious decison of getting back to LIC business. And the efforts are on. However, slowly, the concentration is shifting over to other business opportunities

I have been working too late and too long. I have been reaching home by 12 am, 1 am and so on. The beginning, at least, has been a rock show with a big team joining in the first week itself. Now, I need to ensure that this team grows. There are a lot of things I have been thinking upon. Further, my team too is coming with innovative ideas like a 45 day plan, etc. We have even set up our own team office

Some difficulties are definitely on. One of the major one being the washing of clothes. Its a tedious job that has been taking a toll on me. And yeah, recently, my blanket, mobile charger, towel, soaps were stolen. Hmmm... Not exactly stolen. Our maid thought that I have left the room and gone back to Hubli and so, she took them all to her home. On being asked, she was afraid and she told that she has not seen anything. I told her in a cool and calm manner that these are daily use items and it creates a lot of problem when these are not there. So, I requested her to return them. I also told her that I will not tell anyone and she can just keep them and go

Surprisingly, the next day, the blanket was back. And today, the mobile charger is back. I await for the towel and soaps to come back now. Great fun is on

Will post more soon

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