Wednesday, 22 October 2008

And the slam book arrives...

I got up late again and got late for the 1st class. However, I attended the later part of the class. Today too, there was just one class. There was a revision session and then, we attempted to answer all the questions that were available in the excercises of every chapter

That was all for the day

Autograph books and slam books are back in to picture after a long time. In SSBJ, it was the biggest celebration. I still remember spending all night writing these books. And that too, it began in December and went on till May. So, almost 6 months of writing. That is something, I believe, that has made me understand people and study them

Even I have bought nice slam book and now, it is in circulation. That is all that has been happening over the day and I believe, will happen tomorrow as well. We have the final test on the day after tomorrow and it will all come to an end with this

Signing off for the day

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