Thursday, 23 October 2008

Anything but love... An awesome play...

We had been to a play titled Anything But Love starring Suman Soni and Mandira Bedi. Yes, Mandira Bedi. Hmmm... I was glad to even imagine that I will be seeing her with my naked eyes. Initially, I was with a no no for the show. But soon, it became a yes yes. The play was planned as a part of the ongoing Times Bangalore Festival. I never had an idea of what kind of play it would be. But the moment it began, I was shocked. It was going to be a great fun watching it. More than watching, listening to it

I just collected some brief description about the play on the net for easier understanding
Meet Anish and Seema. Anish is just like any other man, hopelessly insecure, occasionally funny, conspicuously jealous, supposedly logical, thinks black and white, believes that women make bad drivers, is unable to come to terms with growing older, still thinks everything is not lost

And Seema is like any other woman, hopelessly optimistic, vaguely focused, compulsively emotional, supposedly more mature, thinks white and black, believes that men make bad lovers, is unable to come to terms with growing older, and still thinks better days are yet to come

One fine day, five long years after their divorce, Anish and Seema bump intoeach other in a restaurant. The play looks at this estranged couple’s story after the fated meeting in the restaurant

Does life give them a second chance? Do they conform? Between gay psychiatrists and second spouses will they choose to be with each other? Or will they let bygones be bygones? “ANYTHING BUT LOVE” is supposed to be laced with humour that further blends with a stilling poignancy to take its audience on a journey that they are not likely to forget

I had a real blast listening to the beautiful conversations. The attitude shown by both of them and the expressing things at the perfect moment in a great way was just awesome

All the dirty talk on various topics was fun to listen. They have been performing this act for more than 130 times and there is good rapport between them

All in all, it was a splendid time

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