Wednesday, 15 October 2008

CIB RMF go away, come again never rey...

Its a real tough situation that is happening in the classes. Nothing goes into the head. Everything bounces out and out and out. After a lot of explanation, it appears as though things are clear. I guess I have lost the mood. There have been a lot of other things happening in life over which I am brooding. Things have gotten worse on a personal front. In life, nothing, nothing and nothing is clear. Topics of International Banking like export finance, bills, TTs, transfers, credit management, foreign exchanges, forwards, futures, options, swaps. etc are just taking us to the height of it. I am just feeling like when at least will Friday come and we will get rid of these subjects. In fact, the exam was scheduled today. However, due to excessive syllabus, we could not make up for it. So, it has been postponed to Friday

In the class and after the class, I did not do anything much. I attempted the practice test, got up half way and called it a day

Signing off for the day

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