Thursday, 16 October 2008

Classes and revisions classes...

The attendance for the day was quite thin. Initially, we assumed that the classes would be cancelled for hardly 5 people were present. It so happens that a lot of people remain absent on the day before exam with a purpose of studying at home. And with my experience, I have seen that such people end up sleeping rather than studying. Well, this clause is applicable to ordinary humans and not to extraordinary people who might read the books several times. Soon, 3 to 4 people joined. On waiting for another few minutes, the strength reached a good count and the class began. There were some small portions to be covered . It was just a couple of pages for all the 3 faculty. All that was covered by 11 am

And then, we had a revision of the syllabus and discussed some important questions, etc. I got to know one particular fact that this test will be a real test and it will be tough and challenging. Lets see what results come tomorrow. I guess the reason for this belief is also because I have lost the passion for what I am doing

Signing off for the day

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