Monday, 13 October 2008

An escape from chicken...

Yesterday, I had an amazing escape from chicken. I was in my room for the entire day. There was no work at all. I had been sleeping, lying, lazing around the whole day. I also had some tough time fighting for unnecessary reasons with my family. I did not even have my food properly. In fact, I dont know how my food habits are? Somedays, I find myself in Pizza Huts, Pizza Corners, McDonalds, Good restaurants, etc. While some days, I finish up things at the bakery. Sometimes, I have a shot at Pani Puri stalls. Sometimes, its the sweet shops. And sometimes, juice shops. The same keeps happening often. I keep having 2-3 juices at a times for breakfast. For dinner, I eat apple cakes. I really dont find anything to take me a right diet line or regular food habits. Usually, thats what happens when you are not at home. Even this is a kind of fun

So, after eating some jalebis, samosas, pani puris, etc the whole day, I finally decided to go for dinner. And this landed me at a hotel named Trendz where I ordered for a parota. I was given parota with curry. I was a lot tensed due to some problems. I took a piece of parota and dipped it in the curry. And took it out and the parota was almost near my lips. And suddenly, I stopped. I dont know why. I called the waiter for some water. And the water came. And then, I continued. The same thing repeated this time too. I was about to eat it and I suddenly stopped. I called the waiter again. And this time, I dont really understand how this miracle happened, I asked him, "Is this curry vegeterian?". I just did not believe myself that I had asked this question. The reason being that I was totally lost thinking about some other issue. And when I am in some thought, no other thing comes to my mind. I am really thankful to God for somehow getting this situation. The waiter responded that it was chicken curry. I asked him to change it immediately. I took another plate. The waiter refused to take the plate back as I had already cut it. However, I told him that I will be paying for both. And then, a parota with veg curry was served to me which I had

And then, I went to a bakery and ordered for a veg puff. I dont know why I did that. The puff came and it was the last piece. Wow! Daane daane pe likkha hota hai khane waale ka naam. But I never wanted to have this puff as it was totally out of order. It was night 11 and God knows how many days back it was prepared. I just kept it back and paid for that too

Hmmm... Great things happen with great people

And yes, I had been to this movie Hello on saturday. It was a great one. The movie is based on Chetan Bhagat's One Night @ The Call Center. It starred Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sharman Joshi, Isha Koppikar, Sohail Khan and others. Everything was exactly the depiction of the book including dialogues. The only difference was that it was actor Salman Khan in place of author Chetan Bhagat. I loved it. We had been to Inox for the movie. I was just wondering about the price. Not that it was costly. But compared to the share prices of Inox, it definitely was. Inox is trading at 40 levels these days. So, one ticket is worth buying 5 shares :-)

I enjoyed the movie

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