Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Jindagi ek safar hai suhaana... Yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana...

The lyrics that I wrote in my yesterday's blog post are more relevant today. Things appear to have gotten dull and worse from every angle. Today might soon be a significant day of my life at IFBI. Over 3 months and 1 week spent here, a lot of things have been adding to life. While most have been value additions, there are some of the other kinds too. I remember today, words of Bala sir, "Every human is bad, selfish and worst from their mind. Whatever good is done by us is just to show it to the world. Else, we are all built to be bad. It takes a huge effort to cleanse our mind, thoughts and our soul of all the dirt in us". I did not believe these words when I heard but soon, I knew that there was a lot of truth in it. He gave a clue of the show, Moment of Truth, where a father runs out from circus when there is fire but comes back to save his child as soon as he recognizes that the child in inside. The point is we run for our life immediately and then we think of others, be it whoever. In fact, I have been observing one peculiar thing in me. I just speak out whatever I feel. Be it good, be it bad. I always speak out on the first shot, if it is something bad so that it is put out and it doesn't remain in me. Bad thoughts must always get out of the mind at the earliest

Coming back to the day, it started off quite well with a Rural Banking class. The syllabus too got over today. And then, a class on commodity markets was followed by a class by Bala sir on some subject which I am not getting on my memory now

And then, an issue rose up. My yesterday's teasing Sivakumar was used to fuel fire in him against me. I did not understand what was happening but  I could see some strange reactions. Anyways, I have this habit of speaking out whatever comes in my mind. There is no hesitation to correct myself if I went wrong. So, I rung Sivakumar and told asked him if he felt bad but on the contrary he told, he enjoyed whatever I did. I was dumbstruck and went to the lab. Just before I could enter, I heard some people discussing some gossips & comments on me. I stayed out and heard. It was the regular yada vada that I am close to teachers, so they may give advantage for me, they gave good marks for me, so I have lot of ego, I don't speak properly with anyone, etc, etc. So, I did not enter the lab. I am happy to learn what people think of me. There was nothing for which I got upset or felt bad. I always follow a principle when it comes to dealing with problems put up by 3rd parties into my life
There are 2 things when someone says something about you
1. He is telling the truth. Accept it. Improve. Be happy
2. He is lying. Ignore him. Be happy
So, I dont get bothered with comments on me except the ones who I believe are truly my well wishers. Rather, I welcome them

As I said yesterday and as expected, Jindagi ek safar hai suhaana, Yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana. And a lot has happened in one day

Signing off for the day

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