Wednesday, 1 October 2008

MT-5 Off... Week Off... Month Off... Bengaluru Off... Life Off...

The Fifth Monthly Test on Retail Banking-II completed today. Everyone performed well. I was amongst the top performers

Tomorrow is the birthday of Ajeya Mandyam, coincidently, Gandhi Jayanthi too. As it is a holiday, we celebrated his birthday today. And for Ajeya, it was no surprise. He is a big celebrity, you know. Kidding :-)

Well, I am leaving to Hubli today and I shall be coming back on Monday. I am so happy to be going back. Only I know how I have spent these 3 months

Take care IFBI. Take care Bengaluru. I know you will miss me. But I won't miss anyone or anything as I am going to get what I missed all these days :-)

Signing off for the day

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