Sunday, 5 October 2008

Puneet at Hubballi...

Yes, its true and its happening here. I am back to my home town after almost 3 months and its a great feeling. Though, due to couple of reasons, I was resisiting to come, things have taken a better shape now. Thats why I always say, when a problem comes, go, go near to it, go nearer to it, face it, give it whatever it wants, and after that, it goes away. However, if you try to run away, it will keep following you till it gets what it wants. Its always better to give it what it wants now itself rather than on a future date

The journey on train was a little extraordinary (as usual)

I had purchased 2 books, viz, Sudha Murthy's Dollar Bahu and Tusshar Raheja's Anything for you ma'am. I started reading the second one and could read a couple of chapter. Its a love story of an IITian. There are some nice incidents that he quotes about in the book

In fact, I had got the reservation done about a month back and I was in the waiting list. However, I was lucky to find that my seat is confirmed. Further, as usual, I shifted from one seat to another seat to enable family and friends stay together. From S5-46 to S6-72 to S6-37 or so. I am exact about the numbers though. At the Bangalore station, I wanted to have some food and I had gone out. I was having a cream bun and a badam milk. And in moments, the train started moving. I never noticed that. And suddenly, I find that the train is off

Oh my God. I had been thinking about all such things the whole day. I had been thinking that I will cancel my tickets. I had even lost my tickets in my room. And after googling for about 3 hours, I got them. I had even thought that the train might never reach to Hubli. And with such thoughts, it was almost getting confirmed to me that I am not going. And suddenly, I started running and the milkvendor shouts at me for the money. That was a real testing time. I had a Rs 20 note. I could not even wait for the change back. But then, I never lose money this way. I ensured that I collect the change and ran. And in fact, I could easily run and catch the train. The problem was that a full glass of badam milk was in my hand I could not afford to throw it. Neither could I drink it. I managed run on and on and the milk kept falling over and over and at last, at last but not the least, I was on the board. The first thing I did after getting into the train was, sip the badam milk to the full

What an amazement...

Further, I went and fell asleep on my seat. It was about 3.45 am that I got up. I did not know that the time was 3.45 am as my cell was switched off due to low battery. I took out the charger and went on to find the charging point. The charging point was so strong that the plug pin never entered it. I wanted to peep out to see which place we were in. By that, I would know the time. Having travelled in this train for good number of times, I have a feeling of the land around and on that basis, I can judge an approxiamate timing based on the station. In a couple of moments, I corssed over to the other coach. And while I could keep my cellular device for charging, the TC closed the shutter that made way between S5 and S6

I was amazed, shocked, surprised, thrilled, excited, feared, happy, sad, mad or whatever. I just did not know what to do. I could not open the shutter. I could not even go to sleep. Whats the use of getting this reservation? Soon, my cell was on and I saw that it was 4 am. Luckily, this charging point was working. All my luggage, my purse and other belongings were lying across my seat in the other coach. I could lose anything. There was a good amount of cash ranging around 4000 rupees. I tried opening the shutter and nothing worked. And then, I thought, there are 2 things that can happen now. One is that someone will steal everything. Other is no one will steal anything. Now, in both cases, I am helpless. So, I just went into S5 and found that there was a vacant seat. In fact, a person was there in this seat. And that person has gone to the other seat sitting with another person and chatting together. Love birds, you know... I dont know if it was a boy's seat or a girl's seat. Whatever, what difference does it make. I went on and asked them if I can use that seat. They said OK. And I also informed them that my mobile is kept for charging and they should look after it. I even told them to wake me up at 4.30 am when Haveri station comes. That was something too demanding

At 4.30 am, I rushed on and banged. In fact, when I was trying to open the shutter previously, I did every sort of adjustment and in the process, the shutter got a double lock. The TC was shouting from the other end to open it. And finally, it was opened. Hurray

And guess what, there was another poor old man from S6 who had done the same mistake of going into S5. He was cursing the TC and also telling that some locked the shutter from the other side (ie, me) and it was not getting opened. He was saying that his wife will be so much worried about him and she must be crying. I went with him to his seat. And now, a great thing. The seat in which I was sleeping was that old man's seat. It did not belong to those love birds. Thats why they bother to say yes when I asked. And next, the old woman is sleeping cool and fine. And the old man wakes her up. She asks what happened. And then, the old man began. What an incident

Before the shutter would close again, I ensured that I get back to my seat. Yet again, I had forgotten my cell and I ran back and collected it too. I keep forgetting my cell everywhere everytime. I dont understand why this happens. It has become one of my characteristic features :-)

And finally, it was 5.30 am and I stood in this sexy city, Hubballi

In a couple of minutes, I was at home. My flat is very near to the railway station

And then, it was the beginning of a new saga


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