Friday, 11 July 2008

Thursday, the 10th of July 2008...

Life is getting busier with each passing moment. Not only the responsibilities are stacking up, but also the expectations have risen. Expectation at work, at class, at everywhere. And now, I am supposed to work like a computer without a margin for any error, here too. Things have taken a little serious turn at IFBI too. With each day beginning with morning lectures from any student who will be chosen randomly, everyone has become more serious. Further, the speed at which the academic bus is moving, it appears as though we are in a spacecraft. A chapter or two get completed each day. When I sat seriously and gave a thought, we are learning a year's college syllabus in just 2-3 months. And the expectation is much higher than the college. All these days, knowledge would be judged only during exams. However, the time has now come when it is judged every moment. We are expected to remember all that we have learnt all through the life. And it is a serious issue. Thats called professional life

I am happy that I have made a good number of friends over here. Most of the student here are from different places. There are many from Andhra and some from Assam, MP, Kerala and various parts of the nation. Its a nice feeling to mingle up with all these persons of varied backgrounds. While some are BCom graduates, there are many who are MBAs, BEs, BTechs, BScs, etc. So, there is a lot of diversity. And to ensure that we have an unity in this diversity, I have created an orkut community at and requested everyone to join over there

One of my new friends, Raghavendra, was called up for the surprise presentation today. He is a happy jolly cool kind of a guy and it was a big surprise for him too. Though he felt a little nervous in the beginning, all went well in the latter part and he gave a good show

A little seriousness has added up in me too. I had my luch and went back to the labs to complete all the assignments. However, due to certain reasons, the lab was closed by 3.30 pm and I moved out. I completed whatever best possible from me. There are just a few more exercises that remain, which I shall get tomorrow. I could not blog from the institute due to time bounds. I could not even ignore the activities and blog, like I did all these days. Thats why I said, things have become more serious. I call it a day for now. I have plans to get back and read for some more time. However, the need to get up might supress this plan. Lets see. Signing off for the day

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