Thursday, 13 November 2008

A century and a half century... Is that a centurogoldie jubilee...

It was way back in September 2007 that an idea came into my mind of writing a blog. In fact, the idea existed for more than years. However, it did not get the time and effort it required. I wrote numerous blogs on numerous issues. Some on social issues, some on fun, some on news, some on stocks, some on finances, etc. And finally, I decided to go ahead with this venture of putting up my life story on the blog. I never knew and neither do I know, even today, why I am doing this. There are hardly any persons who might be interested in reading this. But then, my principle has always been

Whatever I do is to express myself and not to impress others

And today, on the 13th day of November 2008, I am posting the 150th blog entry. So, what do we call it. Centurogoldie??? Whatever, this is yet another special post for me like any any other. I remember that my 100th post was on my birthday. Such a coincidence. And today, its not such a occassional day. However, its definitely special

The week has been a difficult one for me to digest with 2 great Indian cricketers saying good bye to the test cricket life. Anil Kumble, the man with the 10 wicket haul in a single innings, will now not be seen on the international arena. I still remember that day when India was struggling at Ferozshah Kotla maidaan in Delhi where the Pakistan team had put up a 100 run partnership for the 1st wicket. No bowler, neither Prasad nor Srinath, was able to get them out. Even Kumble was trying his best but nothing happened in his first and second spell. The runs on the board were on a rise. And if my memory doesnt cheat me, the first wicket was off at 114. And then begun the hunt of the tiger. The wickets started tumbling one after another and before the next 80 runs were scored, the Pakistanis had already lost 8 wickets. And all these were off to the crown of Anil Kumble. Conscious efforts to get out on Srinath's bowling were on for the 9th wicket. However, God's grace, the 9th too was a prey to Kumble. And then, a new page in the history of cricket was written when this personality got the 10th person too. 10 for 74 was the figures, I believe. This day will never be forgotten. A great test victory with such a brilliant achievement by an Indian bowler. In an interview with Harsha Bhogle, Kumble mentioned that all the ten wickets that came to him were all thought and planned by him except the one wicket of Inzamam which was a matter of luck. This shows his honesty in admitting to facts. I had a dream for Kumble that he must take a hat-trick before he retires. Though he was at it several times, it did not happen. Kumble also has a test century to his credit which is a great achievement in itself for a bowler. There have been great occassions where he has been a major man for the Indian triumph

I even remember those days when he had got a bad hit on his jaw and yet, he came on the ground with all the plaster on his face to get the dangerous Lara out. India will miss this great leg spinner who surprised everyone with his googly. It might be unbelievable to know that Kumble entered International cricket as a medium pacer. And later, he was suggested by his brother, Sunil, who also is a cricketer, to switch on to leg spin. And at such a point of time, experimenting with career, it was an impossible task. But today, when we look back and see, he is the greatest example of willpower and determination. The amount of energy he exhibits on ground is something which we all need to learn and apply in our work too

A million salutes to this great man and all the best wishes for the future ventures, esp, his cricket coaching academy

Every legend does a symbolic contribution. And the Prince of Kolkata is the most symbolic figure in the making Indian cricket what it is today. Seriously speaking, after winning the 1983 world cup, there was hardly anything happening for India in cricket. Moreover, with the pockets full, none had the zeal of running in the ground

And then, this guy entered

An undomitable character who is the king of off side cricket. He began his career at the Lords stadium and guess what, he had a century in the very first test match. The next day, the newspapers read
A hero is born at Lords

And this was going to be the greatest cricketing hero of all times. Saurav Ganguly is someone who I admire the most in Indian cricket

In fact, seeing all the tough times that he has gone through in his career, I feel ashamed that the Indian cricket board did all that with him. It was an insult to the nation when he was kept away from cricket for some time. But every hero is a hero forever. The way made a comeback recently speaks great volumes about him.

I would like a make a point here. It was this man who nurtured players like Harbhajan, Yuvraj, Zaheer, Kaif, etc and made them real stars

Those Natwest series days, those untiring efforts made by him along with the coach from England (I am not getting the name)* John Wright, those great tricks applied on the ground, the level of energy, commitment, zeal, all this alongwith discipline, the t shirt show off, the way he guided bowlers like Zaheer Khan to score 70 runs in a test match, the way he guided the field and everything is something great.

There is a nice proverb that I came across recently
There are 2 things that happen everytime
Either history repeats itself
Or new history gets written

And this man has re-re-re-re-... n times... - written the history of Indian cricket. And as he has mentioned, we will definitely remember Dada as someone who took the Indian cricket to a higher level

We will miss this great cricketer who was an excellent bowler too. Even today, I remember the way the field was being set when Ganguly comes to bat. 1 wicket keeper, 3 slips, 1 gully, 1 deep gully, 1 mid off, 2 off, 1 on on side and 1 bowler. And even amidst 7 people standing in a queue, this master would ensure that the ball would penetrate to the boundary. And the sixers that he scores on the front foot taking one step on... Oh God... Its just so great

Hats off to you Saurav

India will miss you, not for a long time to come, but forever

No one can ever even come near to what you have added amidst all the problems that you have faced

Well, I would love to dedicate this centurogoldie post to these 2 jewels of the Indian cricket crown

We will miss you

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