Saturday, 8 November 2008

A day all night... Long long and long...

Its been after quite a long time that I have been awake for the entire day as well as night. I havent updated my blog since a very long time. And so, speaking something directly would be a little meaningless. So, let me have a quick recap. After completing my banking training process on 24th of October, I moved to Hubli on 26th for celebrating Deepawali. In fact, I was not much interested in going over as things are a little messy and I have no answers for the questioned that would be posed over me. Further, I could not even avoid going to Hubli. I must thank the Goddess of luck for getting me a reservation while going to Hubli. This, being festival season, is a horrible time to travel. I had plans of moving at night. However, the tickets were so oversold that the railway authorities refused to issue anymore tickets. And it was an order by my mom that I should be there in Hubli by the next morning. I thought of bus and the very thought made me faint. Over all this, the Bam Bam Bigleow type bag that I had purchased was another real pain to carry. I forgot to mention that I have exchanged the previous trolley bag for a new one paying some extra, in fact much extra, amount. And this time, I have taken an awesome bag which is large and tight. Coming back to the train ticket issue, it so happened that I decided to leave immediately by the next train. It was 10 am then and the next train was around 2 pm. Reservation was something I had forgotten by now. I just prayed to get a ticket. Luckily, the person at the counter advised me to book under Tatkaal. It would cost me a little extra but the chances of getting seat shall be high. There would be some additional fee for that. I blindly said yes for anything that would get me a seat. I packed up everything and caught an auto to the railway station and to my surprise, my seat was confirmed. A million thanks to the God

Further, in Hubli, I stayed on for about a week. Some festival celebration, some friend meetings, etc happened. And one fine day, due to issues rising up, I decided to get back to Bengaluru. This time, I decided to get on much seriously with my LIC work. Thats the only option for life till all these financial turmoils get a solution and things stabalize. I got a reservation done. However, it was under waiting list. And on 5th November at night 10.50 pm, I was off from Hubli. As my seat was not confirmed, I had to undergo some problems. In fact, a big circus went on in the train with the TC. I was continuously pestering him to somehow give me some space to sit or sleep. It went on to such an extent that he offered me his seat. Finally, at about 2 am, I decided to sleep on the ground. I just took out the blanket and had a nap, though not so comfortable

It was 8 am and I was back to this city. As usual, the song ran in me

Aankhoan mein sapne liye, Ghar se hum chal tho diye
Jaane yeh raahein ab le jaayengi kahaan
And so on and on and on and on

I have decided that the time that is remaining for me till I get the joining dates will be dedicated in total to LIC work. With this commitment flowing in my veins and arteries or wherever, the first thing I did was to go to the BMTC office and get a monthly pass. It costed Rs 100 for the ID Card and Rs 600 for the pass. And with this Rs 700, I have the freedom of roaming anytime anywhere in the city limits of Bengaluru

Soon, I went on to my PG, had a bath and off to sleep. I met a couple of my friends in the evening and had some gupshup. In the meantime, I planned out my tasks for the next day

Today, the plan was to meet a very senior person who wanted to discuss about some things with me. And due to some miscommunications, we were not able to meet. I had also arranged for another meet in the afternoon. And for me, luckily, the afternoon meet got preponed to noon. So, there was nothing to feel sad for missing the morning meet. I went to my friend's home. It was after a long time that we were meeting. And a package of surprises awaited me. Firstly, chappattis. It was great to have chappattis. In fact, I just came back from home and at such a juncture, usually, we miss out these things. And then, we had a discussion about the LIC plans, investment options, etc. And then, in the evening, the biggest surprise was the beautiful Shiva Mandir in Domlur. This was the first time I was going there and I just loved it

It was about 8.30 pm that I left this place. In fact, I was not in a mood to leave. Another very pretty thing is that I ate 5 chapattis. Yes, FIVE. Shameless person. I was saying no and my plate always went moving further. I have been in the habit of eating outside from more than 5 years. In fact, if I include SSBJ life food also as outside food, then, I have been eating outside from more than 12 years. So, home food, not many times, but definitely sometimes, makes a great deal for me

I got back to Madivala and met Raghuram. We had dinner and went to Siddu's flat. He was interested in going ahead with some investments for tax savings. We went on with the same discussions almost upto 1 am. And then, we began some discussions about RMP and that went on upto about 4.30 or 5 am

It was great time all together. And further, we went on to discuss about some things at college, etc. He has directed a movie. Seriously. The name of the movie is 'Mera Number Kab Aayega'. One can watch it at

I have been in the task of updating my address book on GMail from more than a week and today, the 1st stage of that task, ie, backing up all the cellphone data on to Address Book has got completed. Now, I need to take next steps. Its 8.30 am now and after many months, I have been stayed awake for the entire night. I had received a call from my SSBJ sir who I missed meeting yesterday that we shall be meeting today at 12.30 pm. So, I need to move on to my room, get ready and go on. I have another pending task relating to Raghu which I need to complete before I leave

Well, the craziest part is that I am not getting sleep. The run has begun

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