Sunday, 16 November 2008

Going gaga over the weekend...

A weekend is a big thing for everyone. More so if you live in a metro. And much more so if you are a corporate employee. These are two big days for almost everyone. A lot of shopping, fun, meetings, gatherings, get togethers, etc happen on these days. Well, there are some people who make the best use of these days for business reasons are these are the only two days people can devote time to their personal lives. One such person, in fact, is me. However, off late, even I have been using these days for relaxation rather than work. In fact, when I was working, I used to work for all the 5 days and also these days. It was a total work stunt. And these days, I do not have any work. So, all my week goes in loafing around. And even the weekends go for the same. This something to be sad as well as happy about. Sad because the time is not utilized properly and happy because I am giving 100% to life. Yeah. When I work, I work on a 24x7 basis. And now, when I am idle, I am idle on a 24x7 basis. Is that not 100%? There is not much that I regret for, for I know that once I am back on track, I will pick up for all this vaccations

There is one serious thing that I need to worry about. Its that my Symbi 1st sem exams are running faster to catch me and I am not prepared for the race. I need to equip myself for this and get prepared for the race. This is going to be one very important race. I have been always resistant to academics. Amidst all the resistance, I understand that life will not progress without it. So, I have to make it at any cost. I remember the effort that went in coming back to life during my BCom days. And I believe, a similar kind of effort is now needed for this too. I have almost forgotten the word called study and its such a word that everyone tends to forget at the earliest. There are about 30-40 days to go and a lot to learn

Well, the whole of the week was like a weekend for me. Saturday morning was a another lazy doom morning. I got up by the mid noon and went out to have lunch with my roommate. And then, I was back to my room. Further, in the afternoon, I had been for coffee and I for a call from my friends who suggested an idea of a movie. Even they were getting bored and this was a good option for everyone. But then, I was given the responsibility of managing the show tickets. Hmmm... Getting a ticket for a movie on a saturday, that too a movie like Dosatana produced by Dharma productions starring Abhi, John and Fashion Chopra was an almost impossible task. Yet, I took it up. I had 3 guests, one flying in from Domlur, one coming from RT Nagar and the other busy with work at office on a weekend too. I knew these guys would never reach here by at least 2-3 hours. I ran to the Swagat Garuda Mall near my home and inquired the movie schedule. We had a show at 7 pm and 10 pm for Dostana. Other movies that were on were Fashion and Quantum of Solace. I did not have immediate cash to book the tickets. So, I grabbed the credit card numbers of my guests instantly (and shamelessly) and went for an online booking. Hmmm... it was sold out. However, it indicated that we need to contact the theatre authorities for possibilities. The moment I see a possibility, my mind always starts getting limitless thoughts. I immediately ran back to the Inox Movies and find out if the possibilities turn practical. Unfortunately, things did not get practical. There were just two tickets available for Quantum of Solace and we were four. There were some vacancies for Fashion but we did not want to go for it. So, the movie paln was dropped. But I do not drop so soon. I got back to internet and found out if we can get something at PVR, Fame, Urvashi or somewhere. But it was too late by then. Finally, everything was cancelled and we all met at Total Mall, Madivala. A small tour around the plaza and then a snack at McDeee and a big big big laughter challenge type of a punting was the highlight of the evening. We had, in fact, played a prank with Siddu to get him ot of the office. I was confused about what I had told him. Doctor, Jayanagar, 6 pm was the scheduling given to him while we were at Total at 8 pm. And finally, as expected by MP and me, his entrance with the usual dialogue,"Bloody people, you say you are not well and enjoying eating burgers at McDonalds?" We laughed, laughed, laughed and just laughed along

At about 10.30 pm, we managd to get a DVD to watch Fashion and Heroes. We reached home with some great ready to eat kind of food. Oh my goodness, all that fun that happened in the name of ready to eat food, just cant be expressed. I thought even Gulab Jamoons would be ready to eat if dipped in boiled water

It was almost 12 that we came home, got fresh and sat to watch the movie. In fact, the food was prepared at first. And then, we watched the movie Fashion after having food. Food was good. The movie went on late night till 3 am. Tired and exhausted, I was off to sleep soon. I got up at about 8.30 am. I had some work on the net while the connection was unavailable. So, I continued watching Jannat from where I had left it last time. After that, I again got back to sleep. Everyone woke up by 11 am and our busy bee Siddu had to surrender even his Sunday at the service of TCS. So, he was off immediately. Then, we got milk and had a lot of coffee. The chatting session continued for a couple of hours more and then we decided to move out for the day. This time, we chose the Oasis Mall for our day. How lucky? Our feets would fall on this Mall today. Welcome to Oasis

Pehli nazar mein, I liked this place. It was quite large and looked awesome. We went in and had a look. Almost the entire mall space was occupied by Lifestyle Retail. I liked the gallery containg the household fancy collections. It looked great. We did not go to have a deeper look and ran to Polynation foodcourt. A lot of food was taken and the eaters occupied the seats. It was too much and none of could complete it even in 2 hours. We were there for quite some time and then started roaming around the stores. As I had a closer look at the collections, I realised that the awesome things were awesome to look at. It was too costly. More importantly, it was not worth paying what was quoted as the MRP. Another point to note was that we would get a Rs 3000 gift voucher on a purchase of Rs 10000 worth items. This clearly showed that the minimum profit margin is 30%. Further, when we add a 20% profit margin and a 20% cost margin, its a clear indication that everything is inflated by at least 50-60%

I liked another jacket here. I have been liking one jacket at each mall. Only God knows when the buying times will come

Further, we went to a exhibition where some wood exhibits were being sold. Tables, chairs, idols, almirahs, boxes and many more. Our shopping list kept growing. Hmmm... I must say, VIRTUAL shopping list. And finally, MP found a great one to add to the wishlist. It was a beautiful idol of Goddess which was carved out of a single wood. It was quite large and had a lot of characters alongwith the Goddess. When asked for the price, the answer was Rs 21 lacs. Yes, Rs 21 lacs. And then, we had seen an idol of Lord Krishna (I wish I am right in this guess). And upon asking the price, the response (a lazy response knowing that we will never buy this. In fact, he was even hesitant to tell the price) came as Rs 4.25 lacs. We packed our bags and reached a restaurant for a coffee and soon, we were on the bus to reach back home

That was all the weekend that has just come to an end. A great fun was on for these 2 days. It appeared as though we have been watching a laughter challenge for 2 months

I have been seeing all the speeches in SSBJ. We used to speak on any topic or any personality and always gave the same conclusion to every speech. For example, you speak about a personality and conclude saying, May more and more such people be born in this nation and make India prosperous. Your speak about an experiment or event and conclude with the words, May more and more such events happen and make our country prosperoud. On the same spirits, let me conclude this weekend

Thus to conclude, I would like to say that, may more and more such weekends come in our life and make our life prosperous

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