Saturday, 8 November 2008

Golmaal Returns... I never asked it to...

Golmaal... The world knows is my favorite movie. I keep saying it to everyone that there was never a movie like it and there never will be. However, with the same people coming up with the new edition, there was some hope of going beyond. But then, sadly, it did not happen

The first and foremost point is that a comedy movie with love, circus, romance, fun, seriousness and all aspects can happen only in a college. So, if its not a college story, 50% of its charm is off. Further, for a comedy movie, things always go the comedy way between guys. However, when the gal enters, things get serious. Getting 4 heroines into the movie was the biggest mistake. Things would have been great if only one actress would play (like in Golmaal) and greater if none of the actress would have played. Further, the story revolved around a boring saas-bahu concept which is a joke in itself. The roles assigned were totally inappropriate

And a very important jewel of the crown, Sharman Joshi, was missing. A lot of scenes were played without any meaning. A foolish effort to show the face of all the previous edition actors was on. Trying to repeat the similar scenes like Black acting by Arsad Warsi, etc was totally baseless. There was an effort to give too much in too less time. But dear director, if you try to give so much, will it be a comedy movie. It will become a serious comedy. The songs too have no taste

Let me not write more on this. In a nutshell, something has returned and it would be better if it had not returned. Its like Sachin Tendulkar taking retirement and making a comeback and falling for ducks

So, my statement holds good universally forever

There was never a movie like this
And there never will be
Golmaal rocks even today and will do so forever

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