Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Puneet enters ANZ... ANZ asks him to leave...

Failures have begun. But then, failure is the first step to success. I had been to Australia New Zealand Bank for an interview. Though the name is bank, the operations are back end BPO works only. I got a surprise call from the HR of this organization and I was instructed to attend the interview at 9 am in morning at their office in Embassy Golf Links near Domlur flyover. I had plans of going to Firstsource. However, I changed them and headed towards ANZ. It was the first time I was going to Embassy Golf Links, an IT Business Park just behind Dell Bengaluru Office. And I must say that it was awesome. What a beautiful and large business park it is! It caught my attention and I felt like I must join any of the companies here. Further, the number of people who work here is very high. And all of these are having a fat pay cheques. Hmmm... The mind had got business in mind. As I entered into the ICICI Bank ATM in the premises, a lady came out. She had not completed her transaction in a hurry and I could see that the ATM still had the final screen. Guess what, I could see that she had a pre approved loan from the bank for Rs 5 lacs and the EMI would be just over Rs 16000. Well, I just wish I had this option. Anyways, I just pressed the cancel button to end the transaction and then continued my transaction

Coming back to the park, it had biggies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, ANZ, Siemens, IBM and many more. There is a large canteen which looked great. Fountains all over alongwith grass at every place added to its beauty. Soon, I was at ANZ. I was 30 minutes late for the interview. However, that was not considered. I was immediately asked to give an accountancy test of 20 minutes. Oh... Gossshhh... I have forgotten a lot of it. I dont remember all that financial analysis, ratios, concepts, etc. Though the framework is still there in the mind, a brush up is definitely required. I was able to score 9 out of 10 marks and proceed to the next test. There were about 30 people writing this and about 6-7 people were out in this test. The second test was an email writing test where we were suppossed to respond to a customer complaint. The third test was an aptitude test. At the end of all this, only one person got selected and he was asked to go to the final round, ie, the HR round. And I knew, it will be a big shot round. I had to go the other building that was about 500 meters away. I met the security officials at the ground floor and the message was passed to the HR that I had come for the HR round. And I was in a great surprise. The HR herself came down to the ground floor to escort me to the office. It really spoke great values about the organization. I was delighted. I was after all yet another candidate for the interview applying for the juniormost position in the organization

The interview began. And went on, on, on, on, on, on and on in such a way that I was totally exhausted. What a brain storming session it was... mind boggling... whatever you call it. It was like a debate with a large corporate. Questions on every area of finance from accountancy to banking to investment to debt management to balance sheet to ratio analysis to corporate banking and many more were shooted at me. As always, I tried to act smart in case of unknown answers and take the HR for a tour. But his maam, God, what should I say, she was much much much smart than me. Guess what, I took for a tour and phat came the reply

OK Puneet. All that is fine. Now, can I get the answer to my question which was ...

I tried every possible way but I got the same response each time. And soon, I knew that I am off. The minds clashed and the debate went on on various issues

And at the end of it, I was told that the feedback will be passed to me later. It just meant that I was not selected. I thanked and left ANZ

I knew that I would not be joining if selected. However, I was definitely saddened for my failure. It would be a delight if I had cleared it

Soon, I moved from there and reached home and quickly went to sleep

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  1. Yup its very good to hear that you were the only person to get selected and there is no doubt about it and yes it was shocking either because no one can deny about your capabilities and talent which are just excellent but the matter to be thought about now is whether your talent is getting a platform were you can explore by which you are benefitted???? better answer this particular question. Dont swim in all the pools because you already have the expertise in swimming but this is the time for you to decide in which pool to swim so that you will set a new record in the field.Wish you all the very best.God bless