Saturday, 12 July 2008

The week no.1 up...


We just completed 1 working week over here at IFBI and I am excited. Its been a great time altogether spent here with all the new things learnt, new people met and many many new things of life. Of course, not to forget getting up at 6 am, which has also become a new part of life. More than sadness for having not been able sleep cool as I did before, I am happy that I am back to the routine of life. Life is definitely a serious game which needs to be played in the right spirits with all the efforts. Breakfast of 1 plate idli for Rs 9 every day also has been an ingredient of daily life. Idli is one of the coolest thing we can consume for breakfast. Its plain, pure, simple, energy giving and cheap too. Tea breaks and coffee breaks to beat the sleep also have become a chilling part of this life. More importantly, responsibility has added up seriously. There is no way escaping anything. Performance is a must. The show must go on irrespective of whatever that happens. Unlike college days, there is no more leisure for excuses like I could not study, I could not understand, I will do it tomorrow, Its not my duty, etc. Everything has to be done and for anything skipped, be ready to pay the price for that. Yes, thats how a banker's life is. Heavy risks definitely lie on them. More than anything, they are risk managers. And we too have slowly started becoming the same

Things are moving quite good. We all are in a good pace. However, there is a definite need for more and more efforts. Efforts are something which can never be ignored. For whatever you do wherever and whenever, efforts are the prerequisite for anything and everything

Today was a fair day. We had only the banking class where different aspects like cheque collection, debit cards, credit cards, bills, etc which were discussed yesterday were summarized and presented. The presenter almost went like the Kolkata express. However, one thing that I really appreciate is that audience was paying attention. It is an inbuilt quality for most women that, irrespective of any fact, people find interest in listening to them. In another presentation about the Impress software which is a MS Powerpoint version in OpenOffice, the reviewer gave a good review of whatever was taught the previous day

One thing that I have noticed is that the MS PowerPoint is a better software than OO Impress. PPT is easier to use with good menu systems, nicely designed, easily accessible and nicely laid out. OOI lacks some of these features

Well, the day ended a little early as we did not have the computers class

We had the usual lab sessions to complete our practicals that went good too

Soon, there was an ICICI Bank executive who came to introduce and offer the education loans for the course that we are undergoing here. The fees comes to about Rs 66000 of which everyone has made a payment of Rs 34000. The remaining Rs 32000 could be taken as an education loan from the bank subject to its discretion. In some cases, they may also sanction Rs 66000 to those in need and satisfy the requirements

After all this, we went down to Spencers and Mr Raghavendra Rao gave us a treat with Bourbon biscuits, Horlicks biscuits and Maaza :-) Thanks to him for that and cheers...

That was all for the week

Signing off for a cool weekend. I'll be back soon

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