Monday, 15 December 2008

Sorry bloggie... Kept you hungry for a long time...

Its taken quite a lot time since the previous time I fed this blog and I am sure, it has been suffering of hunger for the new post. Its not that I was too busy or lazy. Its not that I did not have anything to write. Its not that I have forgotten. Its just that the mind is too disturbed from quite a long time and I did not want to put out things with such a mood

Well, some important facts of life which have not been mentioned by me ever before are being exposed by me in this post. I am sure, this will be one of the biggest posts in this blog. The previous post was written by me after giving an interview at ANZ. And since then, a lot of things have been happening. Now, let me see how strong my memory is

I guess, soon after this interview, life has been very disturbing, more so, for the last couple of weeks. Some new findings in life (personally) have been eating up a lot of time, energy and causing a lot of issues. A sort of imbalance has developed and it went to such great heights that I had to dedicate a few days exclusively for this. I thought it will take about 2-3 days to find the root causes and set things fine. However, I must say that, even after 10 days of consistent efforts, things are not upto the expected lines

It seemed to me that I have been able to resolve these issues about a couple of days back. And I returned back to Bengaluru. However, the very day, in a few moments, I had to get back to Hubli as things worsened

Life has been taking a lot of twists. A big question mark lies on every endeavor of my life and all this has been taking a lot of toll over me

As far as career is concerned, I had taken a decision that I will be a banker. This has been an aim since quite long

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