Tuesday, 29 January 2008

After a very long time...

Its been over a week that I wrote on the blog. In fact, seriously speaking, I did not write anything about my life from around 1 month. The recent posts were some promotional write ups. I just thought, let me complete at least this work

Its been an ocean of pains all along. Disturbance, irritation, frustration, sadness, hopelessness, lost, not interested, problems, etc have been the words for January 2008. Nothing is moving smooth and the struggle has been getting worse each moment. Struggle for everything in life. Yet again, the positions indicate that I have failed, rather, failed badly

To begin with, people around me. I dont consider it right to expose everything to everyone. So, I will just say that, I am very much disturbed with whatever is happening. No one understands their responsibilities. The people meant to cook, dont cook. The people meant to work, dont work. The people meant to study, dont study. There is nothing to blame them either as things have been moving the same wrong paths ever since things began. And every effort to drive them into the right paths have gone into vain

Nextly, academics. I have received my CA results and my performance has worsened. I have failed again in that
I did not even write the CWA exams as I knew, I would fail in that too
BCom results have also been hurting

As far as business or earning options are concerned, its been another sad side. I have not been able to get a single LIC policy from over 6 months. Equity trading, too, has also given a very bad kick and put me out of the ground with the recent market crash

What has been more hurting is, I have spent almost 90% of my efforts in solving such problems which were not problems at all. I could never concentrate on the real problems of life. The fight was meaningless and ingenuine

After a lot of effort, things appear a bit OK now. However, its too late. What can I do now? Whats left out?
CA is almost an endgame
CWA is yet again the same
MCom, no value
MBA, dont have enough penny in the kitty
Job, how much will I earn?
Business, no capital. Capital givers want all the profits
Higher education, not possible as the current situation doesnt permit me
LIC, good option. But cant depend all life on it. Moreover, new business will come only in 2009 when all my friends start earning and that too, if they lend a helping hand
Everything is out of order, YET AGAIN!!!

I remember, the situation had arisen after my Class XII exam. All options were deleted by me in the same way and I lost heavily. I didnt go for engineering, cancelled the option of BSc or BCA, left studies entirely, went in search of work, returned back, joined BCom. However, I was happy that, even after so much of problem, I started a new life with a bang and things got well. I topped the university in BCom exams, cleared the first stage of CA and CWA and started taking big leads all over. However, due to all hurdles that started coming on the way, mainly financial and thereby, mental and emotional, worsened things and have bought life into another dilemmna again

However, finally, I have come down to some serious decisions. I have cleared my CDS exams and waiting for the SSB call letter. Just in case, I clear the interview, I will blindly join the forces. I am sure, my life will get back a direction to work for. And once I have a direction, I will hit the bulls eye. Currently, my life has many directions like people, home, work, studies, etc and I cant ignore any of these. However, once I join the forces, I will need to worry only about work and rest of the problems will automatically get solved except one problem. And this one problem is the main culprit for spoiling everything in the life of everyone. If I decide not to join the Army, it will be only because of this problem. But then, I am not much worried about the Army as I believe in one quote
There are 2 things in this universe that a human cant decide upon
1. With whom will (s)he marry?
2. Will (s)he join the Army or not?
These are done by the God

So, its upto God now

Nextly, the other option is, a job in the banking sector. I will do something and somehow join a bank. The advantages of this are
1. Good network of customers/clients. Supportive for LIC business
2. Direct contact with big parties. Supportive for MF business
3. Good pay and good growth
4. CA and CWA can be continued
5. MBA through correspondence can also be done

Seeing all this, I believe, a job in a bank will again set back my career to a bed of roses and will also help in solving the problem we are facing. However, I dont know why, my heart says, I shall be in the Army soon. And honestly, I would be the happiest if this happens. Its always been my dream to be in the Army and seeing this dream come true will be a very satisfying and happy moment

For the moment, let me get back to setting the things that remain unset and upset...

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2007 is no more...

Well, we just completed another year...

There is so much that happened in 2007. Yet not anything noteworthy

It has been a year of confusing struggle to solve some big problems being faced by us. However, the problem remains unsolved yet and still poses the biggest threat for 2008

There have been many moments to cherish with academic success, professional success, celebrations at college like the Teachers' Day, Youth Festival and many many other things

One thing that has happened through out the year is business aka BUSY-NESS. I have been on the move all the time with one or the other reason. Studies, BCom, CA, OBA, LIC, College activities, Trading, NSS and so on. There is not much I can write about this as I am busy even now

Kaash, Bhagwan ne ek din mein 48 ya 72 hours diye hote!!!
Tho, hum jaise WORKAHOLICS ka achcha hota...