Saturday, 3 January 2009

Life at ICICI CSPB, Hyderabad...

You heard it true. Puneet has joined ICICI Bank in Phone Banking Operations from 19 Dec 2008. A change in career path of course. Twists and turns, that too, so regular, are a characteristic feature of my life. Whether I should call it flexibility or fickle nature is a confusion. I keep taking greatest decisions with such an ease. Decisions for which people think for months are taken by me in seconds. Of course, I am entitled to heavy risk too. For the moment, I am in Hubli to celebrate new year as I have a couple of offs. I would like to recapture those few days spent at Hyderabad under this post

It all began on 17th night when I started my journey from Hubli to Bengaluru. As my luggage was at Bengaluru and I also had some work over there, I had to go through this way. On reaching in morning, I completed all my work. Some things are still pending which I shall be completing on 10th and 11th Jan 09. Soon, I arranged things and moved to the railway station to catch Kacheguda express which was supposed to leave at 1820 hours. I was carrying a very large trolley bag and it gave a lot of pain to me. It was such a problem to carry it all over from Jayanagar to Majestic to Railway station and then to the platform too. I was totally exhausted physically and was left with no energy. And above all this, I also added a lot of mental strain due to certain issues that cropped up. In fact, I must say, brought out. I wanted to start a life afresh and so, I did not want to keep anything in my mind or heart pending and thus, I decided to put them out and build a new foundation. Soon, I entered Andhra and the Vodafone people became the happiest people on Mother Earth. My incomings would be charged now and I would have a great volume of incomings. My family is addicted to this activity of calling every now and then. I am sure, this will be a big issue to manage, the call charges

For the first time in my life, I had landed in Kacheguda on 19th morning. Kacheguda is a place like Yeshwantpur of Bengaluru. Its about 8-10 kms from Hyderabad and a lot of trains end journey here to avoid excessive crowding at Hyderabad station. It took almost an hour for me get out of the station. I was very much lost. Moreover, the bag at least kept a hell ready for me. It was just getting impossible to pull it. And in cases, I had to even carry it up and down the long stairs of the overbridge. I even got hurt on my toe yesterday and it started bleeding. In the entrance, I asked an autowallah on how much he would charge to drop me to Kondapur. That was a whopping Rs 200 and I decided to look for other alternatives. In fact, being new in a city, its impossible to move in a bus. Further, with the kind of luggage that I had, I should have blindly agreed to go on. But then, I did not. I had some limitations and so, I inquired for the buses, etc and finally, a conductor suggested me to get in and get down at Apollo Hospital from where I could catch an auto. Thank God. Amidst all these issues, there was yet another issue (the most important one) which was bothering me continuously and I was unable to give a thought to anything else. One good thing about Hyderabad is that a lot of people understand and speak Hindi. Managing telugu is just an unimaginable task for me

After a small trip in the auto searching for Vasant Ville, I finally landed there. Thats the place where we were being provided accomodation for 5 days. My friends were already in on 18th. It was about 8 am and I had to report to the office by 9 am. But then, a lot of other things kept happening and I was delayed. More than this, I was disturbed for whatever was happening on such a day

I packed up soon and we reached The HiTec City, Madhapur. Its an IT hub where a lot of companies like Wipro, Satyam, Tech Mahindra, Deloitte, Dell, etc are based. And ICICI CSPB too is located here at The Cyber Gateway Building. Its a high security area where a lot of probing happens before letting anyone inside. A lot of security personnels are spread all across the park spanning 2-3 kms. Checking happens at 4-5 locations before we reach our destination. It consumes a lot of time. However, its good that all this is done for safety reasons. This place has been under the terror attack spots and has received warnings in this relation. And thus, a high security alert system works here. Access cards are given to all recognized employees only. Each and every door that you enter opens only when the access cards are swiped. All others who do not have an access card are accompanied by the security officers till the destination and he leaves only after their verification is complete

All new joinees sat in a zone and the HR formalities began. Company introduction, job profile, career prospects, values, documentation, etc went on. Things carried on till evening. And then, one exciting moment came. We were in a thought of when will the actual job begin? Should we need to wait more? And till now, we had not got answers to these thoughts. Of course, no one had asked the HR either. But finally, the HR manager spoke out- "Guys, you are on rolls from today, which means, your salary has begun today". That was just such a blissful moment. My eyes were closed for a few moments and I was so delighted. A splash of feelings and emotions flowed through and I just cant explain how special this moment was

After returning to the apartment, I was allotted a room. Vasant Ville is a wonderful place with a world class infrastructure and amenities. I was given a double bed room with a TV, bathroom facility, AC, breakfast, etc. Moreover, a common hall had a phone, dining table, sofa set, etc. It was a royal treat for us, the officers of ICICI Bank

Saturday and Sunday (20 and 21) were offs and we had the task of searching for accomodation. I went around some places. We had a plan of renting a house. However, the rates in this area made us forget this plan. I decided that I would go to a PG. Soon, everyone came to the same conclusion that they would opt for a PG. Sat and Sun were a wasting period and nothing much was done except receving calls and making Vodafone rich

A lot of things happened in the week from 22-26 Dec 08. Of course, I do not remember the order in which they happened. 25th was a holiday on occassion of christmas. We were assigned roles on Tuesday. I was put into Deposits Operations with my profile being handling customers with queries relating to their accounts, cards, transactions, etc. Quite cool and interesting too. We met a lot of people who had been in the bank from a long time. ICICI Bank is one such place which has a unique work culture. All are treated at par and the only thing that distinguishes people is their performance and just performance. The company believes in Meritocracy alone. Some things that I can recollect from these interactions are
  • Only a clear thought can make life simple and meaningful
  • Life gets more value when we develop the power of understanding the unsaid part and satifying the unsaid needs
  • See not the bowler. See the ball
  • Dont see the previous ball. Dont imagine about the next ball. See this ball and this ball only
  • Wisdom has been lost in search of Knowledge. Knowledge has been lost in search of Information
  • Profession is to do what you are supposed to do and not what you feel like doing
Our training on cards and deposits too went on

And further, I also moved to a new PG by name Rahul Working Mens Hostel at Vinayak Nagar in Madhapur which is about 3 kms from my office. All this week, there has been a lot of spending over internet and phone. So, I am looking out for options that can make situation better

I also had plans of preparing for the PNB PO exam scheduled on 11 Jan 09. However, things seem out of order now and thus, the hope is almost off

Saturday and Sunday went on in the same kind of issues

Life has now got on to this new place, new work, new environment. Things are fine here at Hyderabad. A real nice place to settle down in life

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