Friday, 20 March 2009

No one knows... I got a PG Diploma in Banking Operations from NIIT IFBI...

Its been an important aspect of my career but has been kept away from everyone's knowledge for some reason that stopped from from disclosing it. But now, the time has come to put it out. Well, after my BCom exams, I have been moving around and settled in Bengaluru (approxiamately around 7 Jul 08). From then, the entire world has been asking what I was doing. I was there upto November. And each time, I had a new answer to give. From LIC to RMP to CA Coaching to Job to CAT coaching to Time pass to Higher Studies and what not. But none of this was a lie. All this was true. However, I never disclosed the very basic reason why I was there

My interest to become a banker had risen beyond mercury levels and that injected me on to search for something tha would enable me to take up this job. And this landed me into an institute called the NIIT Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance which conducted a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Opearations for 3 months after which there would be a 3 month internship at a partner organization. In all, a 6 month course with a job assurance with ICICI Bank/HDFC Bank. The institute is a collaboration of the education major NIIT and banking major ICICI Bank, which clearly indicated that it is a banking education major. IFBI evidenced having placed over 4000 students into the banking stream over the last couple of years. Finally, I made up my mind to give the test and shot on to Bengaluru. I got through it and also through the interview. All this has been mentioned on my blog earlier too. But after that, I decided to join the course. The major hurldle in this was that I had to arrange for a course fee of Rs 66000 which was a seemingly impossible task for me. Moreover, managing myself at Bengaluru was another challenge. But somehow, God had all plans ready for me and as per his wishes, things kept happening and soon, I was into it

All further information of life in the next three-four months (the undisclosed part) has been mentioned at

And today, its a special day in life as I have completed the internship too at ICICI Bank. My job will continue here itself at least for the next 1 year (subject to my decisions)

That was all about PGDBO at IFBI
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  1. Hi..
    I have recently joined IFBI PGDBO programme...I have few doubts and I hope you'll be able to solve them as you are an ex-student of we get the internship in ICICI immediately after we finish our classroom training of 3 months or do we have to wait for a few months to get the same?

  2. please suggest me an invitation to read rest of the story of yours

  3. Thanks for sharing this useful information..

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  4. what are NISM and NSDL exams ? It was mentioned that we need to clear those exams..and also they have negative marks..are they easy ? I mean will the students of NIIT get trained in this aspect ?

  5. i have some little bit of confusion whether this is fake are not can anyone provide me the suggestion to join or not