Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Back, back, back... I am back... Back with a bang or just lying back...

Hi bloggie and hi to all my blog readers

Its been quite a long long long time ever since I updated this blog. It was my daily activity once upon a time. But then, things have come to a total halt from the time I have moved from Bengaluru to Hyderabad. There was a genuine reason as I did not have a computer to all these activities. Each time I had to do something, I had to move to the internet center. But now, I have access to it 24x7. Yet, no updates...

It is an all time favorite quote that I always say
"Reasons are many... Intention is one..."

I had many reasons for NOT updating my blog
No. 1, I dont have an access to internet or to computer
No. 2, I cant afford to spend Rs 15-20 everyday to update this
No. 3, There is nothing great happening in my life that I can blog it
No. 4, Job has made me very busy and I hardly get time to even sleep
No. 5, Staying before the PC for the entire day in the office and then coming back and sitting on a PC. Oh! What a pain

And so on and on and on and on... Reasons are many

But actually speaking, there is only one thing that has held me back. Its that there is no motivation for me to do this. Often, a person does everything for something/someone. The same is the case with me too. And that someone/something never felt any difference irrespective of whether I do this activity or not

I can understand that there was a time when it was practically difficult for me to blog. But now that I do have a laptop, I can definitely do this. But then, I never did it for the same reason that it didnt make any difference to me or to that something/someone

I was just feeling the pulse of blogging that has happened here and I could sense that this blog is hungry. Its not me a difference to anyone but its making a difference to this blog. This blog has almost become like a burial ground with no life in it. I could feel that this blog is striving to come back to life. Its asking its parents to give it the time, space and love it needs. I could sense the pain this blog is going through that other people are recognizing it comments each day but its own parents are not taking care of it

Once a person gives birth, its his duty to look after the creature all life. Else, dont give birth. You dont have a right to bring something to this earth and make it live a helpless dead life like this. So, I have decided that this blog will now get the attention it desires and deserves too. Let it make a difference to me or to other or not is something that I am least bothered about. All that I am thinking is that this blog is my creation and its my duty to take care of it

From now on, I shall definitely ensure that this page will be dynamic and lively

A lot of moments have gone from life just like that UNTREASURED. Perhaps, thats the reason life is not very smooth. You only have that what you have treasured, how can you have something else which is not in your treasure. Its time now to treasure worthy things so that life can be worthy

Welcome back to life!!!

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